Foursquare adding 25,000 new users daily

Location-based mobile social network Foursquare reports it is adding on average 25,000 new users daily. With its total userbase now tipping 5 million across mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry with users checking in 2-4 times per day. The split of users were revealed geographically between 60% USA and 40% international. On stage at Le Web this week, CEO Dennis Crowley said the company has grown to 40 employees this year-a major increase to the 4 they employed this time last year.

Some major changes are in the pipeline for Foursquare’s core applications as well, it was revealed inadvertently that the company is testing it long-awaited photo sharing capability. There was another hint that such a feature was in the works, though it has not been formally confirmed yet. A fair bet that no doubt the next round of updates for its mobile apps will include the ability to snap and attach photos to venues.

Foursquare users check in at local venues using their mobile device, earning them points and virtual badges by visiting establishments on a regular places giving the user a way to explore a neighborhood or city.


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