Bebo launches new video chat service

Bebo, the British found social network, has launched a new feature called BChat (powered by vChatter of Facebook fame), designed to bring users together based on their social preferences, age, interests and location. It’s a cleaner, safer version of Chatroulette, a Russian based website that pairs random strangers from around the world together for website-based conversations.

Since AOL bought Bebo back in 2008 for $850million, this is the first real news we’ve heard from them. The bChat announcement is a sign that Bebo means business, indicating the start of a wider plan to become relevant once again , in user numbers and even are claiming they are seeing profits. The idea of BChat is to provide a safe way for the young Bebo audience to chat to each other via their webcams. Bebo is keen to stress the security of the platform, making their video conferencing technology monitor their user activity to ensure user interactions are safe.

It will be interesting to see whether Bebo can pull themselves up in the social networking world, with some tough competition from Facebook amongst others. With their small but surviving teen audience a safer video chat service could prove popular.




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