My pick of the best social media campaigns 2010

It’s easy to think of social media as just Facebook and Twitter, but there’s now so much more to it than that. There’s Blogging, Social Bookmarking, Social News – the list goes on. However, the main focus of Social Media is the sharing and discussing of information, it’s a medium for interaction, user participation and user-generated content. Making it the perfect tool for connecting a brand with its target audience and generating leads. Whilst some organisations continue to struggle with this multitude of channels, there are many brands that have managed to harness this medium.

Best of the best
Many of our clients have succeeded in generating leads through social media for their clients by finding their customers (communities), gathering information and engaging with them by influencing the conversation. They’ve done this by exploring ‘hot’ areas specific to the target audience, using all of the aforementioned sub categories of social media and designing a campaign to complement their behavioral patterns. So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best social media campaigns from 2010 so far…

Nike Grid
Experiential meets social media; the Nike Grid campiagn developed by Wieden+Kennedy London, AKQA and Mindshare was a huge success. Allowing runners the opportunitiy to earn points and win prizes by running across their postcodes, they were given a unique registration number which they were to enter at phone boxes staggered across London, their times were then instantly uploaded online. The location game really engaged consumers with the Nike brand and online communities began to form on both Facebook and Twitter as a result. Group members and followers, began to share running tips, photos and Nike promotion material on their personal profiles. This is interaction through social media at it’s best.

Tipex: A hunter shoots a bear
One of the best viral ads of this year. Tipex’s ‘hunter shoots a bear’ created by Buzzman, enabled viewers to re-write the story simply by typing in what they wanted to happen. Incredibly imaginative and engaging, the ad got million views, was shared over 120,000 times and tweeted 10,000 all in its first week.

French Connection – Youtique

French Connection recently became the first retailer to launch an online shopping boutique using their own YouTube channel. The channel hosted by stylist Louise Roe, shares short fashion tips, from what to where on a weekend break, to what jackets suit city life. It showcases the brand, engages the consumer and is brilliantly simple.

Old Spice

Another Wieden+Kennedy gem. The old spice campaign made personal connections with influencers, something social media experts recommend to brands all the time. On day one of the release of this campaign it recieved almost 6 million views (that’s more than Obama’s victory speech) and traffic driven to their website was up by 300% and when the campaign went live, in the first month sales of the Old Spice body wash increased by 107%. The viral nature of the Old Spice videos exemplifies the power of social media.

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