My favourite Christmas social media video’s

In the run up to Christmas  I have been preparing for my Christmas holidays by running around like a headless chicken (or should I say Turkey) trying to buy Christmas cards and presents, finding an outfit for the big day and putting an end to the endless emails via my BlackBerry.  I have however, when I’ve had time to spare seen some great Christmas video’s on YouTube, below are my two favourite of the year so far (I don’t think anyone can beat them…yet):

The Digital Story of The Nativity

This brilliant YoutTube video has had over 3.9 million views since it was uploaded a week ago telling the story of The Nativity via Social Media with appearances from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipeadia and Foursquare.  If social media were to describe The Nativity story this is the only way I could imagine it would be like.  Not a massive fan of the Jingle Bells background music but the video on a whole is a brilliant and entertaining watch sending the message that although times have changed, the miracle most definitely stayed the same.

A Social Network Christmas

Igniter Media uploaded this video on YouTube 6 days ago and although it hasn’t got as many hits as The Nativity video,  in little under a week it has managed to be viewed 428,000 times.  The ‘A Social Network Christmas’ video tells the story of Joseph through his Facebook status, wall, posts and friends.

Both are brilliant video’s especially telling the story of Christmas in present time what with all the social media, digital/online and technology that is part of our lives in the present day.


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