Flowtown has produced a great infographic.. Who’s using Twitter & how they’re using it

Based on the latest Pew research Flowtown has produced this infographic looking at how American internet users use Twitter:


According to Pew Research 80% of  adults in America who use the internet are Twitter users and it’s online activity is particular popular with young adults, minorities and those who live in cities.



The Twitterverse


Really awesome infographic of the Twitter ecosystem best known as the Twitterverse. Brian Solis and JESS3 created this visual depiction of the Twitter ecosystem to help you learn more about all the tools available.

Click the icons below to learn more, read reviews and see how other people are using each tool to build their social businesses.

Source: Flowtown



Sean Parker calls The Social Network “a complete work of fiction”

David Fincher’s 2010 comedy-drama The Social Network about the founding of the social networking site Facebook and the resulting lawsuits was a huge success last year with its opening weekend firing it straight to number 1 and grossing %22.4 million in 2,771 movie theatres.

The film directed by David Fincher best known for his movies including Seven (1995), Fight Club (1999), Panic Room (2002) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) won him a golden globe for best Director of The Social Network and also launched the careers of the cast that included Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake.

Sean Parker (creator of Napster and Facebook co-founder)portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the movie wants everyone to know that while he loves the movie (high 5 on that one) he says it’s a complete work of fiction, although he thought it was beautifully shot and had great respect for director David Fincher.

Sean Parker and Paulo Coelho‘s two man panel at DLD raised a number of interesting points about the future of content but it was Coelho’s question to Parker on his thoughts on the The Social Network, that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Parker elaborates, “The part of the movie that frustrated me most was when the character played by Justin Timberlake who just happens to have my name – writes a cheque to Eduardo who I remain in contact with and consider a friend, and throws it at his face and has him thrown out of the building. That’s just rude. I mean who would do that?”

During the end of the movie his character, played by actor Justin Timberlake, is at a party where drugs are being taken and various beautiful models are wondering around.

“I kind’ve wish my life were that cool,” said Parker.


Are we too obsessed with Facebook?

I’m not obsessed with Facebook. I mean I love it, we communicate on a daily basis and I like to keep in contact with my friends and family. There is no way I’m obsessed. That’s just being normal. Apparently 1 out of 26 of us signs into Facebook on a daily basic. That’s not that obsessed is it?

Well SocialHype and OnlineSchools.org have released an interesting infographic to give us all a look into how obsessed we really are.

Interesting facts include:

  • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check their Facebook when  they wake up (I admit I do that-who doesn’t?)
  • A record breaking 750 million photos were uploaded onto Facebook over the New Years weekend
  • 1 in every 13 people are on Facebook

Ok so it does come across as we (as a whole) are obsessed with Facebook. Wow.



Kellogg’s to invest £2m in launch of new cereal

Kellogg’s UK is investing £2million in the launch of their cereal Krave Milk Chocolate. Social media activity is being placed at the centre of the big marketing push taking place with the official launch on Facebook to Krave’s fan base (yes a cereal brand has a fan page) of 80,000 follower.

Kellogg’s premiered Krave last year, targeting the young through a social media led approach and now the milk chocolate version plans to take their strategy one step further than before with offers of free trial packs to fans through an online sampling mechanic developed by retained digital agency CMW. The cereal giant is also working with social media agency Eyeka to deliver video content for Facebook, while Leo Burnett has been charged with developing a TV campaign. Outdoor and digital advertising will also be included in the launch activity.

Krave brand manager Laura Sutcliffe said that the firm wanted its “loyal Krave fans” to be the first to hear about the news, “so we’ll be launching Krave Milk Chocolate exclusively to them,” she noted. Kellogg’s claims that Krave is “the UK’s only breakfast cereal to be specifically targeted at the 16-24 year old market.”


SkillPages..are you connected?

SkillPages is the new name for Weedle, the social networking skill sharing website that allows you to connect with people who shared the same skills as you helping to promote your skill to your family, friends, social and professional contacts so that they will be more likely to use you and recommend you.

SkillPages was in fact introduced to me by a contact of mine of LinkedIn who recommended that I should check the site out. I only joined today and can already see what the fuss is about. Ok so it’s no LinkedIn or Facebook but it will make a stamp in the professional industry as it connects you with like-skilled people without having to spend hours searching for similar people with the same skills and interests. Ok so I’m a newbie and technically shouldn’t be writing a blog on this just yet because technically I’ve only been a member for… hmmm let’s see a little over 5 hours …but I honestly think this site will be good. It’s very easy to use, is descriptive and provides what the service says it does. To date, the company has raised €3m to develop the service, which has users in 160 countries and is designed to help job seekers promote themselves according to their skills, and to help people looking for those skills to easily find them.

“For the first time, people with any skill can accurately demonstrate their capabilities online,” said Iain Mac Donald (CEO of SkillPages). “By linking your SkillPage updates to people you have worked with, it creates a credible representation of those skills and capabilities.”

Recently new features have been announced giving users the ability to create their own unique web address. Other cool features include what the user has been working on recently, enabling a rich demonstration of their skill (s) in action using text, photos, videos and documents and by keeping their friends, family, and professional contacts/colleagues what they have worked with.

It is early days (sorry hours) for me and will be seeing how much I will be using it over the coming weeks/months/years but I think this could be a good one.

Are you on SkillPages? If not-why not?

If yes, how are you finding it?


The history of social networking [infographic)

Social Media has come one heck of a long way since the first email was sent way back in 1971 when the two computers were sitting next to each other. OnlineSchools.org created this fab infographic which shows some interesting facts such as the original version of MySpace was coded in just 10 days, AOL launches its instant messenger back in 1997 and Friendster launched in 2002.

This inforgraphic is an excellent visual look at social media over its 30 year history.