New years resolutions…what are yours?

Ok so I’m 4 days into the new year and technically should have already thought up a massively awesome plan to conquer all and start 2011 with a bang. First of my new years resolutions was not to smoke and that has most definitely failed since coming back into work. So I’ll just forget that was on the list till .. next month?

Other resolutions include:

Seeing friends in South Africa. I’ve promised them all for years now that I’ll go visit them in Cape Town so fingers crossed I’ll be jet-setting for the gorgeous beaches, beautiful high montains, hot summer weather, yummy food and gorgeous in April. One of my best friends is coming with me and as soon as I hinted to a few that I would indeed be gracing their shores in a couple of months, thought it would be a hilarious idea to book me in for a shark-cage diving experience.

Where’s the fun in that? I’m petrified of sharks, small spaces (how am I to cope in a small barred cage?) and deep sea. Oh joy, can’t wait for that to happen! I don’t see the logic in it. I’ll be standing firmly feet-in-sand on the beach drinking wine watching from a distance as my friends are lowered into the sea.

Moving out. I’ve been home with my mum since last January 2010 that’s a whole year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it don’t get me wrong but the calling to make sure you’re ok at 10.30pm is a little extreme plus I long for normality!

To travel more. I’ve been saying it for years and this year I’ve got many adventures planned. It’s going to happen. Whether I just cover Europe on weekend breaks, long-haul flights to the other end of the world or to do some serious partying with old school buddies this is the year to travel.

There are still so many to go through and figure out but driving lessons (I know shock horror, I can’t drive yet eeek) is another one amongst so many others but it’s only the 4th day in so will take it day by day.

What are your new years resolution (s)?


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