2010 was a great year for brands going viral

2010 has most definitely been a great year for brands going viral.  The only viral campaign to be adding any form of spice was the Old Spice campaign at the beginning of the year which was made by Wieden + Kennedy and played by actor Isaiah Mustafa. The team behind this brilliant well-run campaign managed to engage with practically everyone on the Internet young and old on social media sites such as Reddit and even more on Twitter as well as receiving an amazing response on YouTube with comments coming thick and fast like no other viral before. Just this one campaign accumulated tens of thousands of new followers on various social media sites as well as hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

The Old Spice campaign did extremely well but as we all settled into our seats pronouncing our love for this awesome campaign, a new viral was on the streets with a ‘Smell like a Monster’ parody.  This viral generated more Facebook and Twitter shares compared to the original viral.

Nike’s “Write the Future”

When the World Cup started Nike started a campaign called Write the Future which featured footie favourites such as Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more in hypothetical situations that could occur at the World Cup.

John Lewis “Always a Woman”

John Lewis‘ “Always a woman” was created by Adam & Eve, an emotional ad for the high street retailer depicting key moments in the life of a female character. The ad cost £6 million, featuring 9 actresses from childhood to old age. An impressive response online and positive PR in newspapers and viewers on YouTube declaring it to be the first commercial to make them cry, made John Lewis’ “Always a Woman” a great ad of 2010 to remember. Set to a reworking of Billy Joel‘s “She’s Always A Woman” by The Guillemots‘ Fyfe Dangerfield whose soothing yet heartbreaking vocal take on the song proved an intermediate hit with consumers nationwide.

Anyway I came across this infographic on Viral Ad Network compiled by Rubber Republic which gives a brilliant inside look at 2010’s best viral brands.

5279974224 c00143aca9 o Most viral brands of 2010 [infographic]Source: Rubber Republic


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