Missing Londoner found thanks to social media

14 year old teenager Serena Beakhurst was found thanks to the power of a social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter was discovered in Wandsworth. Family and Friends set up a social media campaign via the two leading social networking sites to spread the missing report worldwide. Stephen Fry, the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah and Rio Ferdinand were amongst those who tweeted their concern for Serena attracting thousands to retweet or repost the message.

Her cousin James Andrew told the Voice newspaper: “We are so grateful to all who took the time to post information about her on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

“This campaign has highlighted the strength of the community and how powerful we can be when we unite our efforts. Without the dedicated members of the Facebook group, Please help us find Serena Beakhurst, this would have just been another unreported case of a missing child.

“We also wish to thank the celebrities who publicised our efforts. Their involvement was invaluable. And to the media who picked up on the story, your coverage was instrumental in finding Serena.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said: “Serena was found in the early hours of Wednesday in Wandsworth. Officers will be speaking to her in due course.”


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