Don’t shoot the messenger

Asos stylist Candice C Bailey briefly caused panic across London town yesterday via Twitter when she tweeted “Street style shooting in Oxford Circus for ASOS and Diet Coke. Let me know if you’re around!” at 11.17am. It took 3 minutes for someone to grab the wrong end of the sitck and tweeting “Shooting in progress in Oxford Circus? What” posted by @TreborFlow. Which soon turned into the next chinese whispers prompting further tweets such as “Gun alert on oxford circus right now? is it true” by @HannahLisaGreen and 15 minutes later it had elevated to “LONDON: Gunman on the loose around Oxford Circus.”



The 1,000 tweets alerted the media and within minutes the BBC and SkyNews were on the case. Thankfully @Tom_Rayner defused the whole situation by checking with the Met Police tweeting “They say there is no incident, and nothing going on…” Bailey later tweeted an apology “for any confusion-it’s all about fashion photography!”

Incredible how social media can make one little tweet clearly about fashion photo shooting turn into a nationwide frenzy within minutes! Clearly @TreborFlow’s wrong-end-of-the-stick-moment might have been a little bit of a giggle at first or clearly he is a little silly to assume it was something else especially when it’s Asos and Diet Coke.


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