Why didn’t I think of this? Comedian asks viewers for $1 million….and gets it!

Have you ever asked someone you don’t know to give (not lend) you money? No? Me neither. What about, have you ever asked the world’s millionaires to give you $1 million and got it? You may be crying is it that simple, but it was for one guy. Sketch comedian Craig Rowin put a video request back in November for a millionaire to give him $1 million saying “I don’t need it for anything specific, but I think it would be awesome.” And lo and behold he got it. It seems to really be that simple. Lucky bugger.

On November 21st 2010, Rowin put up the “Please Give Me One Million Dollars” clip followed by another video by the same title to update millionaires. He told viewers he hadn’t yet received one million dollars but he had received many emails at his PleaseGiveMeOneMillionDollar@gmail.com email account. A couple of weeks later Rowin updated viewers once again in ‘Still Please Give Me One Million Dollars,’ in which he rips up a $5,000 cheque because he asked for one million dollars NOT $5,000. Jeez get it right!

Rowin even pleaded his case and requested $1 million from Alabama’s millionaires in an interview on Wake Up Alabama. In the interview he says, “I don’t have any current debt, but I am asking for a million dollars because it would be pretty awesome to have.”  Helping Craig’s case was the fact that he really is hilarious.  In the Alabama interview you can hear the anchors cracking up while he’s answering their questions.  And surely the guy who has decided to give Craig one million dollars must have a great sense of humour as well. We don’t get any specifics, aside from the fact that the millionaire who is giving him the money is named Benjamin and that he will be receiving the money live on stage at the UCB Theatre on February 2 at 8 PM.  He says he has received a notarized letter that he will give Craig one million dollars and expect nothing in return.  “On February 2 I will be a One Millionaire!”

You can’t help but think this is a hoax and if it is think that Rowin has done a very good job convincing everyone that he’d be ‘awesome’ to receive such a large sum from some generous millionaire who has clearly too much money. It doesn’t appear to be but wouldn’t it be better if he would become a millionaire for something that is more worthwhile rather than just ‘awesome’ like give it to someone who actually needs it and could benefit from it. We’ll have to wait and see on the 2nd February to find out if this really is for real. If it is, well done to him for bagging it, it really ‘would be awesome!’ Maybe I should send him an email and ask randomly if I could have $1000 if he could bag the large amount maybe a small cut he wouldn’t mind parting with it. No harm in trying hey?


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