SkillPages..are you connected?

SkillPages is the new name for Weedle, the social networking skill sharing website that allows you to connect with people who shared the same skills as you helping to promote your skill to your family, friends, social and professional contacts so that they will be more likely to use you and recommend you.

SkillPages was in fact introduced to me by a contact of mine of LinkedIn who recommended that I should check the site out. I only joined today and can already see what the fuss is about. Ok so it’s no LinkedIn or Facebook but it will make a stamp in the professional industry as it connects you with like-skilled people without having to spend hours searching for similar people with the same skills and interests. Ok so I’m a newbie and technically shouldn’t be writing a blog on this just yet because technically I’ve only been a member for… hmmm let’s see a little over 5 hours …but I honestly think this site will be good. It’s very easy to use, is descriptive and provides what the service says it does. To date, the company has raised €3m to develop the service, which has users in 160 countries and is designed to help job seekers promote themselves according to their skills, and to help people looking for those skills to easily find them.

“For the first time, people with any skill can accurately demonstrate their capabilities online,” said Iain Mac Donald (CEO of SkillPages). “By linking your SkillPage updates to people you have worked with, it creates a credible representation of those skills and capabilities.”

Recently new features have been announced giving users the ability to create their own unique web address. Other cool features include what the user has been working on recently, enabling a rich demonstration of their skill (s) in action using text, photos, videos and documents and by keeping their friends, family, and professional contacts/colleagues what they have worked with.

It is early days (sorry hours) for me and will be seeing how much I will be using it over the coming weeks/months/years but I think this could be a good one.

Are you on SkillPages? If not-why not?

If yes, how are you finding it?


3 thoughts on “SkillPages..are you connected?

  1. Hi Dannii,

    Thanks for sharing your first impressions of SkillPages – we’re all about creating new opportunities for people, helping them get found by new customers, clients, employers business partners etc and on the flip side, helping people find skilled people they can trust. Its early days yet but we’re always delighted to hear people say they “get it” – we’ll work relentlessly to make it better and spread the word so as to make SkillPages better for everyone.
    CEO SkillPages

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