Need to brush up on your knowledge on SEO?

Chuck “The SEO Rapper” is the guy you need to call upon!

Chuck the SEO rapper is a lover of hip hop and marketing who has a record label called Mo Serious Entertainment that he uses to produce and publish his music. By day he is internet marketing extraordinaire where his passions lie in the search marketing field and in his spare time he create rhymes about Jesus. Chuck started doing SEO marketing back in 2001 and has learnt all he needs to know about PPC, SEO, web design and social media during the years he was there. The company Pop Labs is where Chuck started the SEO Rapper persona. “After seeing about 5 boring power point presentations, I joked that I would rap about link building to make it interesting. Brad then challenged me saying I couldn’t do it. Never been the one to back down from a challenge, I did it. The VP of Pop Labs at the time, Kelsey recorded it and suggested we Youtube it.   I had a YouTube channel for Mo Serious that I was using for promoting my gospel music so I said alright, I’ll put it on there. That was the start, Link Building 101. After it began getting noticed, I did another one called Social Media Addiction.  I was kind of  lazy on that one and didn’t take the time to memorize it first.  I wrote it, and did the video in the same day (reading from my tablet).  Soon, I was getting request to do other topics so I did Paid Search 101. It was after Paid Search that I created the name SEO Rapper. I followed Paid Search with Conversion Closing which by the way is one of my favourites.”

Check out the video here:

Awesome stuff Chuck!


Coca-Cola brings out great sequel to The Happiness Machine


Did you see the original Coca-Cola advert called ‘The Happiness Machine?’

Coca-Cola did a brilliant viral released a year ago, their first global video which saw 3.2 million viewers worldwide watching it  on YouTube called “The Happiness Machine.” Produced by Atlanta’s Definition 6, the video tied into Coke’s global “Open Happiness” campaign, and has not been used in TV ads. The video shows a Coke machine in a school cafeteria. The machine dispenses bottles of Coke, and flowers, and sub sandwiches, and pizza, and so on.

This prompted another “Happiness Machine” to come to the UK  and put more smiles on students faces in a London University.

Following on from the ‘Happiness Machine’ Coca-Cola and Definition 6 are back with the “Happiness Truck” which takes place in Rio de Janeiro where the Coke truck gives away soda, beach balls, soccer balls, surf boards and more. Shane Grant, global brand director for Coca-Cola, told Mashable that the company chose Rio because it “wanted to show how happiness translates in markets around the world, not just in the U.S. or Western Europe.” Here’s the Happiness Truck. So far, it’s amassed more than 154,000 views on YouTube.

Everyone needs a bit of happiness. 🙂



The 4 stages of understanding Twitter

Twitter the social networking and microblogging service where you can post up to 140 characters on a users profile page is one of the fastest growing networks in the world. Its creation in March 2006 and launch in 2006 has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have 190 million users, generating a record 65 million tweets a day and handling over 800,000 search queries a day. Wow!

All pretty cool hey. Most of my friends and colleagues are on it and get it. But for those who don’t And Far Away have come up with a great inforgraphic to help you ‘get’ it.



The state of Social Media and Search Marketing in Recruitment

The state of Social Media & Search Marketing in the Recruitment Industry

Over the past 12 months the market has been plagued by stories in the media about rising unemployment figures and a lack of jobs to accommodate. Different industries are feeling the hit of the recession in different areas as they begin to develop budget and growth plans for the year ahead.

An area that has come through with no problems at all is SEO; the demand for natural and paid traffic via search engines has increased dramatically as above-the-line advertising continues to be the prime focus. Companies are starting to realise that for a small amount of money the commercial value of online can be more cost effective overall than using the traditional methods of marketing.

So what was 2010 like from a recruitment perspective?

2010 was a good year but this year is forecast to be better. During the first half of 2010 the market saw a rise in junior roles, as agencies acquired a steady increase in business from their clients. As a result they began to grow their teams in order to accommodate their client’s needs as SEO and PPC marketing expanded. Meanwhile, client side roles are increasing across all levels as companies set up their own in-house digital teams in order to develop their online presence.

What will 2011 hold for recruitment?

The start of 2011 has seen search marketing roles taking a back seat to social media. Many of my clients have been asking for more candidates with a social media background as they want to expand their digital and social teams. Everyone wants to be building their social media presence and with the rise in mobile this year, a few are starting to ask for mobile experience as well. The market is fast becoming increasingly competitive as client side and agencies begin the war to find the few experienced people available. Whilst social media demand is increasing I’ve also seen a demand for social media people with analytical backgrounds to identify the ROI from their social media campaigns, as well as community managers. So, with this in mind if you’re not already on the ladder the chances are you’ll fall behind.

What’s happening with all the candidates?

As the industry changes with the demand for candidates with social media and SEO experience and roles being on an all time high, most firms are worried of losing their employees to the next firm and instead are keeping them with competitive salaries, benefits and bonus packages. The salaries of last year compared to now have changed, whilst some firms will pay a generous salary for Natural Search Specialist for £35k with 2-4 years experience the salary will be different over the next 12 months. Agencies are paying different salaries to that of in-house teams where salaries for the same experience are paying up to £40k sometimes higher. A candidate with social media experience is a different matter entirely. If you have little experience in the social media field but know the sector exceptionally well, can blog, tweet the tweet, use online community channels and demonstrate evidence of ROI impact, then salaries differ and firms will pay a good salary whether in-house or agency side.

Where to find these candidates?

It’s a funny question that many are asking at the moment – I find the majority of my candidates through social media channels rather than through job search engines. Most job search engines have been squeezed through to the last drop and normally the best candidates aren’t using those channels to find a new job within the industry. I get more response through tweeting than I do through other more traditional channels. Word-of-mouth seems to attract new candidates from all over; the majority of the people I reach out to interact with the conversation, engage and stay in touch for future opportunities.

If you’re a recruiter what kind are problems have you been facing? In which fields? It would be interesting to see what other recruiters and firms are experiencing not just in the social and digital space but also in other industries too.


The Marketing Map

Stella Jones, Founder of B2B Contact Marketing created this great infographic called The Marketing Map. The Marketing Map, which is a tool that’s been designed to help people with their marketing strategies for business or personal use. B2B Contact Marketing created the Marketing Map based on the London Tube Map with advertising taking over the Central Line, with stops for everything from TV to Billboard Advertising, Viral, Fly Posting and SEO. This map is a fun way of seeing how many options are available to marketers through Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital, Event, Relationship or Database Marketing and how they all link together. For all you tube guru’s out there may notice there are a few key tube lines missing but Stella Jones suggests that as marketing is constantly developing, there is room to grow (so lines are soon to be added).



I want a cake just like this for my birthday!

Mike Cooper created this cake for his son’s 6th birthday “It took 10 hours to make and 2 minutes to destroy.” The megapopular multi-platform game Angry Birds has inspired all sorts of weird and amazing creations, but the playable Angry Birds cake, courtesy of the folks from Electricpig, is definitely the most creative one we’ve seen so far.

Mike really has created something awesome here. The look on his son’s face when he sees it is brilliant too! Honestly don’t think any of my family or friends would do something like this for my birthday (maybe because I’m NOT A KID ANYMORE) but how cool would it be… hmmm. Possibly the coolest dad ever?