Suspension for high school student for writing rude remarks on Facebook

Ever wondered how to get suspended from school (if you’re still in school that is)?

How about take a leaf out of Donny Tobolski’s book, a tenth-grader in California who posted on his Facebook wall that his teacher was a ‘fat ass who should stop eating fast food, and is a douche bag” whilst writing his biology homework. The post was added to his Facebook page after school, not during school hours, but caught the attention of his school and has been suspended for the rude remarks. The words ‘SILLY BOY’ springs to mind, but why did he get suspended-tad ridiculous right? What happened to freedom of speech? Ok, what he said isn’t on and he should know that but bloody hell seriously, did he need to be suspended? ACLU claim the student’s free speech rights were violated and says the school broke federal and state laws-hear hear.

In a letter to Mesa Verde High School Principal Rick Messer, an ACLU staff attorney said that tenth-grader Donny Tobolski’s Facebook post was “protected under the state and federal constitutions as well as the Education Code.”

In a similar case last year, a federal agency declared Facebook posts are legally protected speech, even for employees who write negative things about their employers. In a lawsuit that probably won’t sit well with most employers trying to enforce social media policies, the National Labor Relations Board said that a recent Facebook-related termination was unlawful. The employee in question, Dawnmarie Souza, used some vulgar language to deride her boss on Facebook when he denied one of her requests. Several of Souza’s co-workers joined in on the thread, also making negative comments about the supervisor. Souza made these comments on her own time and on her own computer which resulted in her dismissal at her job.

Fair to say, next time you want to get a ticking off from your boss or heck fired, go on Facebook and write rude comments. You’ll be bound for the firing range within minutes, they don’t call it word of mouth for nothing hey.


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