How much do you love Facebook?

Facebook is quite frankly the most used and popular social networking site on the planet. I’d say I use Facebook like the next person but on average check it roughly 4-5 times a day. But that’s only because I have it as an app on my phone. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t bother that much and yes it does help that I recruit in social media. Anyway, would you say Facebook is that close to your heart you’d be lost without it?

T-Pain, the famous rapper has got himself a brand spanking new tattoo. Who cares you’re probably yelling, what’s another tattoo on a rapper but he’s gone to a whole new level with this tattoo. I mean it’s not the usual ideas for a tattoo that could include lyrics, pictures of loved ones or famous quotes. Is this a publicity stunt for the rapper or not. Do you love Facebook that much to do this….

The tattoo isn’t something I’d do personally and can’t for the life of me think of many of my friends who will catch onto this ‘new craze’ and get one too but T-Pain is clearly sporting this for public image rather than personal satisfaction. The 25yo rapper is amongst many others who are famous for the love of the ink in the past but this is one of the first I’ve seen to dive into some new and very different. If T-Pain actually got this for the genuine love of Facebook then the social network highlights the effect it can have on some of its followers. I’d personally not brand myself with anything to do with Facebook or any other social network or form of social media but would you? Maybe it’s a new craze?



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