Lady Gaga and Virgin Media

Lady Gaga, who doesn’t love her? Ok love maybe a strong word, but I’m sure we’ve all at least ‘liked’ her at some point in her career. Whether it be the random, and I do mean her random dress sense, but tbh how many people can really pull off a meat dress or a Kermit the Frog dress? Or be as creative as she is in her music videos?

A the moment Virgin Media have about 40,000 people who ‘like’ them on Facebook, but the brand hopes to hit 1 million by the end of the year by using a tie-in with Lady G. By working with the social media marketing firm Talenthouse on a new program that hopes to transfer some of Lady Gaga’s 27.7 million Facebook fans over to Virgin Mobile. Oooh how are they to do that, I wonder?

Well on Monday Virgin Media is launching a contest to find 10 official bloggers for new dates in Lady Gaga’s ‘Monster Ball’ tour. To enter all blogging applicants are encourgaged to send in a short video to the brand’s Virgin Mobile Live’s Facebook page displaying their “best work” which will be voted for by the public through their ‘like’ button. Amos Pizzey, president and founder of Talenthouse, says that although Virgin Mobile has a goal for its “likes,” the brand understands that certain fans have disproportionate influence. “They want the right ‘likes,’” says Pizzey. “They want people who are there to consume content.”The deal between Lady Gaga and Virgin Mobile comes after the pop star inked a deal with Polaroid to develop a new line of photo-capturing gadgets. Lady Gaga began the Monster Ball tour in 2010, but decided to extend it in 2011, starting this month.


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