Calling all Social Media Guru’s out there.. We know who you are.

Ok we don’t but no doubt we will do at some point. No doubt you’ve been running around telling everyone you’re so good at social media, senior director’s will be blown off their seats with your incredible knowledge. I mean come on you’re thaaat good you originally had the idea for a social network that would be bigger than Facebook. It just so happened you missed it by a few months. In all honestly Mark Zuckerberg ain’t got shit on you. You’re that hot. I mean wow, you’re so good, you predicted the trends of social media before the likes of Mashable came swooping in and distroyed your thunder, right?

The thing is, how can you be a ‘Social Media Guru,’ when even Mark Zuckerberg isn’t one. I mean he knows his stuff, the industry and what ticks the boxes for all his fellow Facebookers, but I don’t think he would class himself as a guru in a industry that is still so young. So in the light of all this Guru-goings-ons I’d like to invite you to an event where we will celebrate your guru-ness with like-minded people who want to understand and join you on your incredible success and journey as a Guru.

I and a fellow tweeter buddy came up the idea of a Social Media Guru Fancy Dress party for the likes of you, yes you (aren’t you lucky) to come mix with us and discuss all things social media and digital with some of the bestest people in town. Exciting hey. In and around the general big chit chat of Social Media Week London, @amoyal and I had a few tweets about social media guru’s and what is one and all that jazz. I had said I was flabbergasted that anyone could be called one or heck call themselves one and know all about the industry so well that they just are better than all us mere mortals out there. We decided to celebrate those who call themselves one and @amoyal started up a brand new trend of #SMgurufancydress, a new party. The thing is, although we’ve got most of our super cool friends and fellow tweeters joining in on the fun we now just need YOU.


The theme is fancy dress. So that would obviously involve wearing something that isn’t your work uniform, smart suit or jeans and converse. We are expecting some imaginativty here. I’ve been given all sorts of great ideas such as Jedi Guru, Fairy Guru (but I can’t see myself running around London with a tutu, pink wand and some magic stardust), Slick-Salesperson Guru, Vampire Guru or Ninja Guru but just need some ideas. Ping some over if you have any great ideas. We are still in early development of this amazing plan that I think will totally put us on the spot for being just a fantastic party full of  awesome people. It’s invite only but hey, if you’re a SMG we want you there. It would be an honour to meet you.

In the meantime, if you want to get in on the conversation go onto Twitter and follow the trend #SMGurufancydress, we’d love to hear from you. Until then, keep an eye out on more news on this event and we’ll keep you posted. I honestly can’t wait to hear from you.


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