Laughter is the best cure

They say laughter is the best cure for stress, or for just keeping yourself happy and positive. It’s infectious, strengthens the immune system, boost your energy, diminishes pain and protects us from the stresses of life but best of all it’s free, plus nothing feels better than having a good old giggle with your mates hey.

Well, whilst doing the usual watching funny clips on YouTube the other day with one of my mates the other evening, we came across funny adverts that always put a smile on our faces. What started off as a ‘sneaky look at the odd one or two’ ended being a 4 hour laugh-a-thon at some of the funniest out there. Honestly if you saw us two, you would of thought we were cracked but what’s a few good laughs on YouTube when’s there’s sod all on TV.  So hopefully you can join me in the following, that have brought a few smiles, giggles, laugh-out-loud and Janice (from Friends) cackles and let me know which of the follow (if not most or all) are you’re favourites and tell me why.

Heineken’s walk in wardrobe

Ok so I don’t drink beer (unless you count Guinness-is that even a type of beer?) but you’ve got to laugh at this great ad from Heineken.

Volkswagon: The Force

This ad is very new and was recently seen during the Super Bowl. Would loved to have seen the kid’s face though under the mask when his power came into ‘force.’

The T-Mobile all singing & dancing ones

The one where they all dance in Liverpool st station

The T-Mobile Welcome Back

To be continued…



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