Retro brand SPAM will make its mark on Facebook & Twitter

Yes you read that right. SPAM. Spam is the latest retro brand to implement a social media strategy to tell the brand’s story and to widen its appeal. Oooh exciting. When I first read this I was like good on them, but I can’t help thinking unless you’re a Spam-addict you wouldn’t really care for Spam spamming (sorry) your Facebook & Twitter feeds. Well the 70yo canned-meat brand, first introduced back in 1941 plans to strengthen its fanbase (does one exist?) through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to hopefully boost their sales. The campaign has been devised by I Spy digital agency to promote a new ‘character of the brand’ through coupon distribution, competitions and special events.

But it’s SPAM. SPAM SPAM SPAM. No. Just No. I don’t do spam. I never have and never will. The spam clogging up my friggin inbox is annoyingly enough and being part of Facebook or Twitter won’t turn me to loving it EVER so why would Spam the retro brand? I don’t think I’ll like having it shoved into my face either through my social networks.

Do you love Spam?

Word of advice… Stick to the print Spam peeps.



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