Heineken kicks butt with their online presence

“Thanks a Million”

Heineken has launched a new viral campaign featuring a group of Dutch female models visiting bars in Amsterdam and hugging male beer drinkers. The viral fil by AKQA named ‘One Million Hugs’ to promote it’s social media presence and to celebrate it’s one-millionth “like” on Facebook.

Floris Cobelens, manager of global digital media at Heineken, said: “While no one can claim today they are mastering the digital revolution, we at Heineken are ahead of the pack, behind a very steep learning curve, and a full-hearted commitment to capitalize on the opportunities new media offer.”

Heineken have used the web on a few occasions to develop its global presence through Facebook by using it’s fanbase of 1,070,368 million fans to build a profitable operation. In December they promoted the fact they will open a store that will offer Heine-ken-branded clothes and merchandise but to also encourage the FB Fans to tell it what to sell. It’s a great plan that saw the Dutch company go from a-whole-lotta pages to one main page and choosing to do the same with their YouTube channel. With the rise in social commerce a lot of companies are joining the rat race to get their asses online and have a Facebook page where people can ‘like’ or become fans, keeping up to date on products and the latest news. The outcome would be making Heineken the most popular alcohol brand on Facebook. The question I suppose on everyones mind would be, will this work? Reaching out to over a million fans, I think it will. It’s a great way to reach out to an increasingly massive community of 560 million Facebook users and it’s a good place to start. From here there opens doors.

“The Entrance”

Facebook’s most popular alcohol brand is starting to roll out a series of ads created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam called ‘The Entrance.’ The first installement is already proving to be a major online success with nearly 4 million hits on YouTube in a few weeks, but if you’re a fan of Heineken you would of seen the premiere at the end of 2010 already. The character, a gorgeous tall dark and handsome French actor Eric Monjoin charms his way past an oil barron, kung fu assassin and many others before taking to the stage to perform with the lead singer of The Asteriods Galaxy Tour, a Danish alternative pop band whose latest single ‘The Golden Age’ is the ad’s soudtrack.‘The Entrance’ confirms the brand’s differentiation from other beers”, says Cyril Charzat, Senior Director Global Heineken Brand. “Its world-class production values project the brand’s premiumness and exclusivity.”

W+K Executive Creative Directors, Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy say: “With this campaign, Heineken recognizes the legend in all of its drinkers. Men who know their way around and recognize a fine beer when they taste one. We intend to inspire them for years to come”. The new campaign will see the release of more exciting films hit the web and TV in the coming months to engage their consumers worldwide. Check out their Facebook page where you can explore hidden stores of its characters.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Heineken are releasing next in these series of ads. The Dutch company always do some amazing adverts. They’re always very creative and funny. We have all seen this one…

and this one …

Whether you like lager or not, the latest ad ‘The Entrance’ has something for everyone. Beer for some and hot eye candy for the girls. Either way, it’s a brilliant campaign that I’m looking forward to seeing what is coming up next. If it includes Eric Monjoin all the better 🙂


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