The Marketing Map

Stella Jones, Founder of B2B Contact Marketing created this great infographic called The Marketing Map. The Marketing Map, which is a tool that’s been designed to help people with their marketing strategies for business or personal use. B2B Contact Marketing created the Marketing Map based on the London Tube Map with advertising taking over the Central Line, with stops for everything from TV to Billboard Advertising, Viral, Fly Posting and SEO. This map is a fun way of seeing how many options are available to marketers through Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital, Event, Relationship or Database Marketing and how they all link together. For all you tube guru’s out there may notice there are a few key tube lines missing but Stella Jones suggests that as marketing is constantly developing, there is room to grow (so lines are soon to be added).



4 thoughts on “The Marketing Map

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for highlighting our Marketing Map. We’re currently working on version 2, which includes more tube lines and a whole new map layout.


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