Upcoming Momentum Pictures rom-com movie ‘Chalet Girl’ gets social push

Momentum Pictures new rom-com movie starting Felicity Jones and the gorgeous Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl ‘Chalet Girl’ is getting a big social push promoted via an online campaign that integrates Facebook‘s “Like” button into an interactive trailer to drive social media engagement. The film stars Bill Nighy, Brooke Sheilds, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Egerton. The campaign created by Blue Barracuda gives access to viewers who click the “Like” button on Facebook to cast information, snowboarding locations where the film was shot, and will highlight brands featured in the film which include Roxy, Thomas Cook, Red Bull & Nintendo.

Jamie Schwartz, VP theatrical marketing at Momentum Pictures, said: “This is the first time the ‘Like’ button functionality has ever been integrated with a movie.  We don’t want people to just watch the film’s trailer; we want them to get involved, to share it with their mates, and to identify themselves with the cool brands it features.”

Martin Talks, chief executive of Blue Barracuda, said: “When people watch a film, they are often inspired by the lifestyle it portrays and want to buy into it.  Our campaign takes that to the next level by enabling viewers to identify themselves with the cool brands in the film and use cool social sharing functionality.

“Participation and sharing, such as this, and the convergence of media, like films and the internet, is the future of film making.”

I think we all agree that the majority of us will be watching for the lush Ed Westwick (he is beautiful isn’t he?) best known for playing Chuck in Gossip Girl. Who will actually be going to watch watch the movie?


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