Need to brush up on your knowledge on SEO?

Chuck “The SEO Rapper” is the guy you need to call upon!

Chuck the SEO rapper is a lover of hip hop and marketing who has a record label called Mo Serious Entertainment that he uses to produce and publish his music. By day he is internet marketing extraordinaire where his passions lie in the search marketing field and in his spare time he create rhymes about Jesus. Chuck started doing SEO marketing back in 2001 and has learnt all he needs to know about PPC, SEO, web design and social media during the years he was there. The company Pop Labs is where Chuck started the SEO Rapper persona. “After seeing about 5 boring power point presentations, I joked that I would rap about link building to make it interesting. Brad then challenged me saying I couldn’t do it. Never been the one to back down from a challenge, I did it. The VP of Pop Labs at the time, Kelsey recorded it and suggested we Youtube it.   I had a YouTube channel for Mo Serious that I was using for promoting my gospel music so I said alright, I’ll put it on there. That was the start, Link Building 101. After it began getting noticed, I did another one called Social Media Addiction.  I was kind of  lazy on that one and didn’t take the time to memorize it first.  I wrote it, and did the video in the same day (reading from my tablet).  Soon, I was getting request to do other topics so I did Paid Search 101. It was after Paid Search that I created the name SEO Rapper. I followed Paid Search with Conversion Closing which by the way is one of my favourites.”

Check out the video here:

Awesome stuff Chuck!


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