#Happybirthday #Twitter


Five years ago today, a 29 year old Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet from his new microblogging site.

Just setting up my twttr“, he wrote, perhaps without the knowledge that these words had just heralded a revolution in online communication and global interaction, with more than 200 million users now sending a billion tweets a week. With a valuation said to be approaching $10 billion, the Twitter of today is very different than the Twitter of five years ago (or even one year ago for that matter).

Once often criticized by the mainstream media for being mundane and trivial, the service often plays a major role in world events (and serves as a source for said media). It’s also gotten more than a few people fired.

I’m a big user of Twitter and can’t go a day without using it (my boyfriend doesn’t share the same love though to be honest) and have met a fair amount of people who share the same love for it as Marmite, you either do or your don’t.  I’m chuffed to hear it’s been 5 years, how times fly hey, and they’ve done brilliantly well with it. It’s crazy to imagine that the number of tweets sent in a single week topped a billion for the first time as Twitter prepared to celebrate its 5th birthday.

Happy Birthday Twitter!!


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