Awesome search engine for foodies

Whenever I cooked in the past for my mates it was always the same old- traditional cooking of the good Sunday fav, the Sunday Roast roast; beef, chicken, lamb or pork. I’d always have a ‘few’ friends over that spiralled out of control when a friend would mention to their friends I was cooking the ‘Famous Sunday Roast’ and they’d all come in their pairs hoping I’d cook more of whichever side dish to compliment the meal. Which surprisingly enough I always had enough to cook for the extra friends who would fly through the door looking for a seat at my not-so-big kitchen table. But I haven’t done it in a while, a little something I’m actually quite pleased about it thanks to the mess afterwards (they’d all leave when the washing up bit was mentioned) but I do miss it, I felt a bit like a proud mum when all the kids (I’ll call them that for the time being) came round, ate enormous amounts of food and left quicker than a rocket at the sound of a tap running and rattling of plates. Since moving home the idea of cooking doesn’t work as my mum is ever so good at being prepared just-in-case with lots of food (that always consists of lots of potatoes) but now that I’m considering on moving back into Central London,much to my mums’ would-be dissapointment (she doesn’t know…yet) that I’ll need to consider cooking more.

Since I’ve been going out with my boyfriend who I must add insists on cooking lots but doesn’t even buy food for the fridge (I’m pretty sure he knows what a supermarket is but I’m not betting on it), I’m the one who insists on cooking, as take-aways get quite boring and expensive after a while. The decision to make something for him without having certain ingredients in it can get quite tricky. But, alas I’ve found the perfect site where food lovers can go and totally find the perfect recipe/dish/ingredient (whatever floats your boat) for your cooking experience. The site is called Foodily.

Yes, Foodily. Quick Pitch: Foodily lets users search across multiple sites by ingredient, see recipes that their friends like and create Facebook events around recipes. It’s a great little website where you can find recipes on a massive database full of exciting recipes to help spice up your current eating habits. “Food is inherently social,” says Andrea Cutright, the CEO of Foodily. Cutright and co-founder Hillary Mickell created the search engine that pulls in recipes from sites ranging from small food blogs to dominant online recipe publishers like the Food Network. Users can search by ingredients, by excluding specific ingredients or even by vague terms like “vegetarian dinner.” Foodily isn’t the first website out there to combine social interaction with recipes All Recipes, Cooks, Bake Space and Nibble Dish all foster community and encourage comments on recipes but they do all of it amongst strangers. The website that launched mid-December, indexes every recipe by every ingredient so that advertisers know exactly what recipes the users are looking at.

Already kicking butt online, Foodily has now gone and got itself a Facebook profile making food more social. The design is pretty cool on the Facebook page where users (9,414 users ‘like’ the page so far) can ‘like’ recipes, see what recipes your friends ‘like’ and also see which are the most popular around the world.

Thanks to Foodily, I have a way of creating a dish for my boyfriend/friend (s) etc excluding certain ingredients and not always having to cook the same thing time and time again. At least now I can find/create yummy dishes from around the world all at a click of a button.

Here’s a pick of my top dishes you must try out:

  1. I love Thai food but am not a massive fan of coconut, here’s 2 dishes you must try out (yum): Beef Stir Fry and Thai Curry.
  2. I’m a big fan of curries but due to the crap spice-detector on my tongue any form of chilli hotter than a cup of cocoa is enough for me to reach for plenty of air, an inhaler and a swimming pool full of water. Typing into Foodily curries with no chilli comes up with a great selection of lush curries. Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry, Green Chicken Curry & Japanese Curry are also some lush dishes.

There are plenty of dishes/recipes to pick and choose from even if you’re cooking for the fussiest of fussy. I recommend you check it out for the next dinner party you may throw. I’m in process of trying to find a dish for a dinner party next week where 3 friends love meat, 2 only eat fish, 1 only eats veg and the other barely touches any of the above. So enjoy new Foodily peeps you sure will love this delight of a site. 😉


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