My pick of my favourite community-involved adverts

Recently there have been quite a few adverts from brands which have got communities involved all around the world which makes an interesting change to advertising a product that doesn’t always have some celebrity trying to make us the consumer believe they actually wear/use/buy that product themselves. Here’s a pick of my favourite adverts I’ve seen over the past few years that get the community involved to add a bit of colour and happiness to all those around.

Dulux “Let’s Colour Ad”

Dulux has recently launched their ‘Let’s Colour Project‘ a worldwide initiative from Dulux, Dulux Valentine, Coral, Flexa and Marshall to transform grey spaces with colourful paint. A mission to spread colour all over the world. The colourful advert sees Dulux working together with local communities across the globe, rolling up our sleeves to paint streets, houses, schools and squares.

Guinness “Tipping”

This is a cool advert where the whole community of a town gets together to celebrate the brand over a game of well-timed domino’s. The new Guinness commercial is about an extraordinary and passionate community coming together to create the world’s most ambitious domino run. Guinness’ press coverage said “Our challenge was to initiate the experience online by creating a campaign that thousands of passionate brand advocates could became immersed in. We inserted clues into the TV ad, cut it into segments and scattered it across the internet, creating a sequential treasure trail of puzzles for people to follow. The reward for solving each puzzle was the next segment of the commercial, with solid gold dominoes awaiting those who could put it together first. Tens of thousands rose to the challenge in the first few days, with session lengths running into hours, and even days. A huge community was formed as people joined forces on forums and blogs: trading hints, tips, and stories of lost weekends. Millions of minutes were spent interacting with the brand, with the winner of the first solid gold domino assembling and launching the film online, two days before it aired on TV.”

Nikon “I am Nikon”

This great advert by camera makers Nikon see people the world over getting into the spirit of the world community which sees all different types of photography taking place from weddings to a Robbie Williams Concert.

The ‘I Am Nikon” campaign is a campaign where all in the community can share their story through their personality or passion to tell a story to friends and family. The music covering the video is by little known band Radical Face who before this video weren’t so big but now thanks to the great matching with the Nikon campaign has no doubt thrown them head first into the spotlight. The campaign sees the brand’s community of amateur photographers and professional photographers alike taking the best pictures and videos to share with one another through TV and print.Check out the latest Nikon advert with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver:


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