Charlie Sheen sets new Guinness world record

Since Charlie Sheen joined Twitter earlier on this month, within a matter of minutes, he acquired more than 60,000 followers and a Klout score of 57 without even tweeting a single tweet. According to a report in Advertising Age, Sheen was able to get his account verified so quickly because Internet startup brokered his account with Twitter. If you haven’t seen the news recently Sheen, then where have you been?! Sheen of course has been pretty much all over it or all over social networks since he publicly disparaged Chuck Lorre, the producer of the very successful sitcom “Two & a Half Men” in a bizarre interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars last month. Since then, Sheen has been interviewed by various other high-profile outlets making equally odd statements. The public meltdown has made Sheen a continual trending topic on Twitter and the subject of several YouTube parodies.

Charlie Sheen may or may not be ‘winning’ in life but has won a rare honour from the Guinness Book of Records as the “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers” on Twitter making him the new holder of the Guinness World Record. For Guinness, this is the second high-profile application of the brand’s records system to social media. Last month, the Nabisco cookie brand Oreo and rapper Lil Wayne squared off for the record for the most Facebook likes. Lil Wayne won that contest handily. Guinness community manager Dan Barrett says the agency “just researched and approved” the record this morning. According to Barrett, Sheen reached that milestone in 25 hours and 17 minutes.

As of writing this article, @CharlieSheen has 3,308,371 followers.

Guinness did not have a previous record for that category, Barrett says. Sheen also set a Guinness record for “Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode — Current” at $1.25 million.


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