What were you thinking?

I think I’m having one of those days where instead of sitting at home snuggled up under a duvet feeling sorry for myself with some chicken soup I’ve instead taken it upon myself to search the internet and watch random YouTube clips (as you do) to find the best and worst clips out there. So forgive me for my ramblings in this post as I really am just trying to make light of these following videos and ask (and I’m sure somewhere you think this too) ‘What were you thinking’ when you made this stuff?

Go Compare

This ad is a grand example of”What Were You Thinking’ advert because I really need to ask the writers, why plague my ears and mind with this pain-in-the-ass sing-along-song that needs to be shot and buried deep, down in the ground. OK, a slight over-the-top exageration but come’on tell me you don’t feel the same when that plump mostache wally comes onto our screens and sings that bloody tune about his comparison site. Yes it’s catchy and yes we now know where to go if we want to ‘Go Compare’ deals in Finance, Insurance and so on but my oh my, enough already. He’s now in space with singing aliens, it’s enough seriously. Bury it and all will be happy. I’m pretty convinced that there are some  of you out there that agree this is just pure nonsense and it should be stopped.

We Buy Any Car

Oh lordy. It just gets worst. Do writers who haven’t hit the big time in the industry all sit around and think let’s irritate the hell out of the consumers and put together some rather annoying commercials that will send them over the edge? I mean what twit thought of this ad.

It’s catchy, yes. It’s colourful too yes and involves people dancing in front of a screen about buying any cars. Here’s a thought, how about buy all the cars in the world and you yes you  webuyanycar.com can just go, far far far and far away.

Those who can’t act, don’t. That’s all I’m going to say about the following:

Thomas Cook: The RedNapps

If you can’t act, don’t. This ad just pushes the boat out beyond”What Were You Thinking?” Cheese, cheese and more cheese as Louise & Jamie RedKnapp try and convince as they use Thomas Cook for their holidays. Yeah right.

Perfect holiday? Er no.


Of course, your audience is full of youngsters so what better way to promote your wii game than to have JLS try and flog it for you. Perfecto. Now every screaming brat out there will now want the latest wii because JLS all sit at home playing these games all the time.

If JLS can’t do it what about, drum roll please…

Nadine Coyle & Kimberley Walsh of Girl’s Aloud

I’m utterly convinced 100% that they both sit at home playing with their Nintendog’s.


Just why . Why oh why?

Here’s a few other, “What Were You Thinking?”

Marks &  Spencers

I’ve got to be honest I don’t do my food shopping in M&S coz well it’s expensive so I’m not going to go there to buy chargrilled tuna steak because M&S says it’s the best, I just won’t. As much as they keep saying its “Your M&S” I think not. So as much as I’d like to think “This is not just 21day matured tender rump steak kebabs with red onions and fresh peppers reared by the finest farmer in all the world who loved his cows so much he wonders why they’re disappearing….No, it’s 21 day matured tender rump steak kebabs that have a very heftly price tag.” Is M&S trying to say they aren’t making enough money from their food?

Which is why I love this spoof ad of ‘Your M&S.’


Be honest…how many of your mums/friend’s mums etc all go to Iceland or heck all get into their Moulin Rouge gear and dance around sausage rolls because they were only a £1? Thought so, I don’t know anyone either, or heck even admit to it.

To be continued…




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