Isaiah Mustafa has some new competition in the Old Spice ad’s

Ooooh how’s this for ruffling some feathers. Old Spice has got a new dude. Old Spice & Wieden + Kennedy Portland have spiced up their new campaign “Danger Zone” with a new dude in the running. The new dude (not as good as Isaiah I must admit) takes to the jungle to meet his lovely lady. The action-adventure sees this dude encounter crocodile, jungle snakes, piranhas and a scene with a speeding truck. The “Danger Zone” campaign is part of Old Spice’s brand new Danger Zone line of products. The guy gets pretty much attacked by everything out there in the jungle. Love the line “Danger excites me, but I can’t fully enjoy it when I smell like fear and body odor.” Hahaha.

Check it out and see for yourself, what’s your thoughts.


Do a little dance, spread a little love and come to Ascendance this Saturday night 16th April

Vanessa Gerrard and Olivia Toye are taking part in an amazing adventure of a lifetime climbing three of the highest mountains in East Africa for The Peaks Foundation. The Peaks Foundation is a registered non-profit that organises all-female mountain based adventure challenges in Africa, Asia and South America. The girls are part of a group of twelve ladies who are raising money for three charities in Kenya and Tanzania; Support for International Change, School of St Jude and Laikipia Wildlife Forum. The trip will take place next January 2012 and the group will climb 15,660 vertical metres in three weeks.

Vanessa and Olivia met 6 months ago and became great friends when they both applied to The Peaks Foundation’s “Three Peaks, Three Weeks Africa Expedition.” Being the only Londoners and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this great adventure and charities, the girls have thrown a big party with 100% of the proceeds going to all three charities

The event taking place this Saturday 16th April is being held at The Paramount Bar, a cool 31 floors above the streets of Central London. The bar best known for its panoramic views across the city as far as the eye can see of London’s great historic landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the latest in modern architecture including Canary Wharf, The Gherkin and the soon-to-be-completed Shard of Glass.

Paramount Bar is known as being more than just a restaurant or a bar (it was actually a private member’s bar but is now open to the public) it’s an experience where you can take in a magnificent 360 degree view of London’s skyline. The site features an events space on the 31st floor, a restaurant, bar and private dining room on the 32nd and a Viewing Gallery on the 33rd floor. British Interior designer Tom Dixon has created a stylish environment that some describe as very James Bond where you can drink, dine and entertain high up in the sky.

Pictures taken at Paramount www.paramount.uk.net

The evening kicks off with an open bar from 8-9pm, yes you read that right, an open bar where you can chat away with your mates and mingle with other party goers. Music will be provided by two of London’s top DJ’s; DJ Ali and DJ Status Disko who will be spinning some tunes to let you party the night away. The evening will also have a Silent Auction where some great giveaways are on offer from weekend breaks in boutique hotels, tickets to Glee at the o2 and adventure with the Original Travel Company amongst a host of other awesome giveaways as well.

The great part about this brilliant bash is that 100% of all proceeds go to the charities. Not one penny is going towards the girl’s trip as all of their own monies is funding their trip next year. The tickets are only £35 and available in you pre-book now (not available on the door). Everyone loves a good party and what perfect way to get you dolled up than with a glamorous night on the town in Central London in the name of charity.

To buy tickets and find out more information about Ascendance check out http://ascendance2011.com

Vanessa & Olivia were featured in Here is the City!  Follow the link to read the interview from Monday, April 11th, 2011.  The event has also been listed in Cosmo UK’s ‘What to do this week’ feature.

Paramont Picture Dining Setting taken at Paramount www.paramount.uk.net


Mark Zuckerberg stars in his own Facebook movie

Mark Zuckerberg is staring in his own Facebook movie. Clearly miffed that the original Social Network film, in line for an oscar that shot Justin Timberlake, Jessie Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield to international fame, Zuckerberg new movie/documentary by MTV called “The Diary of Facebook” was seen by viewers in the USA last Wednesday 30th March. First Zuckerberg himself faces the camera to say, “Facebook is a very open company. If you think about what we do, we’re trying to do give all the people who use our products the ability to share things with their friends and their family.” Then the movie rolls out two employees, an engineer named Pedram Keyani, in T-shirt , riding a skateboard through the company’s offices, and a marketing staff member named Erin Kanaley. We see Pedram lining up a “hack-a-thon,” a regular Facebook event where  engineers aim to devise a new product in one 24-hour marathon. Founder Zuckerberg is convinced all the best ideas are simple and can be done quickly. The “like” button, for example, came out of a hack-a-thon, AdAge magazine points out.

Facebook flew some members to Palo Alto to talk to staff about how Facebook has changed their lives. This part was organised by Erin. One woman, Holly Rose, told how she got an alert on Facebook to do a self breast exam,  found a lump and was treated for breast cancer. “Facebook saved my life,” she says in the film. AdAge which carried a lengthy critique  of the film was not overly impressed. Edmund Lee wrote, “At best, MTV’s Diary is a gloss, a 21-minute company brochure examining a few very narrow nodes of life inside Facebook.”   

Facebook are yet to announce if this documentary will be screened outside the US.


Did you try Westfield’s Tweet Mirror?

Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London is one of London’s largest shopping centre filled with all the high street favourite’s including Topshop, New Look, Boots, Aldo, H&M and a mamonth queue to get into celebrity favourite the Uggs store. The shopping centre also has a great little section called The Village for all those who can afford the luxury of Mui Mui, Burberry and Prada. It definitely is Shoppers Paradise. Known for holding launch events for their stores or product launches with famous celebrities that include Nicole Scherzinger, fashion designer Ed Hardy, Rihanna and Peter Andre, the latest event to really stand out was none other than my fav micro-blogging site..Twitter!

Westfield launched the Tweet Mirror by Nedcap the other month, an award-winning tool that combines shopping with social networking. Confused…? A little. Basically the Tweet Mirror lets a retailer’s customers try on fashion products to send snapshots of themselves to friends via Twitter or e-mail making asking your friend’s opinion count and sharing their experience of their shopping trip with others. How does it work? The ‘mirror’ has a built in digital camera and a real time web connection, so shoppers can receive instant feed-back on their choices. Now I’m not one to go out and shop for the fun of it (I’ll be honest I hate shopping with a passion!) but I wished I checked out this little gadget. The only thing that would daunt me a little is asking my Twitter friends their ‘honest’ opinion of how you look. I mean I do, on the odd shopping trip have the tendency to just buy the item if I think it’s nice. Sod queuing for ages to change in the fitting room, just buy and leave. If I don’t like I’d rather queue knowing that I’m getting my money back from customer service after. The honest answers from my followers/friends/colleagues would freak me out a little. 

So the question is, have you used the Tweet Mirror? If so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your feedback. Good experience or not, it would be interesting to see what the outcome/feedback of using this type of social media. 


Have you been clickjacked?

I’m sure you’ve been reading it over the news or heck been conned into clicking onto a link that makes you believe it’s blah blah and instead it’s spam and/or virus that is now taking over your computer. Overe the past few months various stories have been popping up about various social networks including Facebook and Twitter that people’s accounts have been spamed or highjacked by some complete idiotic low-life that has nothing better to do than make other people’s lives a misery. Yesterday I made the mistake on clicking on a link on Twitter for Profile Spy. I was fooled. Now this wasn’t some delayed April Fool’s joke by some twat it was and still is (don’t fall for it-it is still going around) a spam link that says one thing but does very much the opposite.


Twitter has been struck by this spreading worm that attempts to make money by scamming users into filling out surveys and viewing advertisements. The rogue Twitter app is known as Profile Spy and gets installed by people who are tricked into believing it can tell them who has been viewing their online microposts. “Wow! See who viewed your twitter with Profile Spy,” the post reads. Those who click on the link are asked to allow the app to access and update their account data. Once they do so, they are presented with an unending series of popups for online surveys and ads promoting car insurance, long distance services and games, according to Errata Security CEO Rob Graham, who blogged about the worm on Monday.  According to the Register, those who fall for this unfunny scam will also find two new posts added to their tweet stream: one that claims to say how many people have viewed the user’s profile over the past day and the aforementioned tweet attempting to trick others into installing the rogue app.   Profile Spy has in the past wiggled its way onto Facebook last year causing much grief and havoc. The best way to get rid of it is to revoke the application from your profile settings. This way it will take it off and you won’t be hassled again. Just don’t like me fall for it again.

Have you been affected by Profile Spy?