Did you try Westfield’s Tweet Mirror?

Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London is one of London’s largest shopping centre filled with all the high street favourite’s including Topshop, New Look, Boots, Aldo, H&M and a mamonth queue to get into celebrity favourite the Uggs store. The shopping centre also has a great little section called The Village for all those who can afford the luxury of Mui Mui, Burberry and Prada. It definitely is Shoppers Paradise. Known for holding launch events for their stores or product launches with famous celebrities that include Nicole Scherzinger, fashion designer Ed Hardy, Rihanna and Peter Andre, the latest event to really stand out was none other than my fav micro-blogging site..Twitter!

Westfield launched the Tweet Mirror by Nedcap the other month, an award-winning tool that combines shopping with social networking. Confused…? A little. Basically the Tweet Mirror lets a retailer’s customers try on fashion products to send snapshots of themselves to friends via Twitter or e-mail making asking your friend’s opinion count and sharing their experience of their shopping trip with others. How does it work? The ‘mirror’ has a built in digital camera and a real time web connection, so shoppers can receive instant feed-back on their choices. Now I’m not one to go out and shop for the fun of it (I’ll be honest I hate shopping with a passion!) but I wished I checked out this little gadget. The only thing that would daunt me a little is asking my Twitter friends their ‘honest’ opinion of how you look. I mean I do, on the odd shopping trip have the tendency to just buy the item if I think it’s nice. Sod queuing for ages to change in the fitting room, just buy and leave. If I don’t like I’d rather queue knowing that I’m getting my money back from customer service after. The honest answers from my followers/friends/colleagues would freak me out a little. 

So the question is, have you used the Tweet Mirror? If so, what did you think? I’d love to hear your feedback. Good experience or not, it would be interesting to see what the outcome/feedback of using this type of social media. 


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