Have you been clickjacked?

I’m sure you’ve been reading it over the news or heck been conned into clicking onto a link that makes you believe it’s blah blah and instead it’s spam and/or virus that is now taking over your computer. Overe the past few months various stories have been popping up about various social networks including Facebook and Twitter that people’s accounts have been spamed or highjacked by some complete idiotic low-life that has nothing better to do than make other people’s lives a misery. Yesterday I made the mistake on clicking on a link on Twitter for Profile Spy. I was fooled. Now this wasn’t some delayed April Fool’s joke by some twat it was and still is (don’t fall for it-it is still going around) a spam link that says one thing but does very much the opposite.


Twitter has been struck by this spreading worm that attempts to make money by scamming users into filling out surveys and viewing advertisements. The rogue Twitter app is known as Profile Spy and gets installed by people who are tricked into believing it can tell them who has been viewing their online microposts. “Wow! See who viewed your twitter with Profile Spy,” the post reads. Those who click on the link are asked to allow the app to access and update their account data. Once they do so, they are presented with an unending series of popups for online surveys and ads promoting car insurance, long distance services and games, according to Errata Security CEO Rob Graham, who blogged about the worm on Monday.  According to the Register, those who fall for this unfunny scam will also find two new posts added to their tweet stream: one that claims to say how many people have viewed the user’s profile over the past day and the aforementioned tweet attempting to trick others into installing the rogue app.   Profile Spy has in the past wiggled its way onto Facebook last year causing much grief and havoc. The best way to get rid of it is to revoke the application from your profile settings. This way it will take it off and you won’t be hassled again. Just don’t like me fall for it again.

Have you been affected by Profile Spy?


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