Rihanna & Britney Spears in trouble over raunchy performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards

It appears RiRi and Britney are in trouble with the press again. This time for their raunchy performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards. A parents group have got their knickers in a twist over their performance and The Parents Television Council has now called for a boycott of the advertisers who bought up space during the breaks in the show.  A spokesperson has even had good old rant to get their anger off their chest, “It certainly has no place at 8:00 p.m. on the publicly-owned broadcast airwaves. I cannot imagine what would possibly lead the ABC television network to air a profanity-laced, S&M sex show on primetime broadcast television.The overtly sexualized performance by Rihanna and Britney Spears was no accident or mishap, but a deliberate effort to target teens with images and lyrics that glamorize whips, chains and other sexual fantasies.”

“This is not the first time the Billboard Music Awards have shoved extreme content at viewers. In 2002, Cher used the F-word; the next year, the Awards featured Nicole Richie saying, ‘Have you ever tried to get cow s*** out of a Prada purse? It’s not so f***ing simple. But this time, it was not an accidental, unplanned “slip of the tongue.” Rihanna’s routine was obviously well-rehearsed. Disney, ABC, and their advertisers knew EXACTLY what they were getting – yet they chose to put it on the air and sponsor it anyway If YOU are sick and tired of Hollywood dumping explicit sex shows into your living room, TAKE ACTION! Contact ABC-Disney and the show’s advertisers – Chevrolet, Old Navy and McDonalds, among others – and let them know that you plan to “vote with your wallet” next time you’re shopping! The network and every sponsor must explain to the public why they would use their ad dollars and squander their good-will with America’s families by delivering S&M themes and imagery to teen audiences.”

Check out the video, do you think this performance was too raunchy for 8pm showing on TV?

Source: Heat Magazine


Fan of Two & a half Half Men? It’s back, but someone’s missing…

I’m a fan, have been a fan for a while and know a fair few others who are fan’s too. The American TV comedy series starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, is about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie Harper, his his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan’s growing son, Jake. Charlie’s free-wheeling life is complicated when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie’s beach-front Malibu house.

It’s been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher will replace will replace Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men.’ The Hollywood trade reported that “two sources close to the deal-making (said) that the actor is putting the final touches on a deal to replace Charlie Sheen … The exact dollar figure he will be paid is not known but a source says Kutcher is getting a ‘huge payday’.”

TV Squad previously reported that Brit Hugh Grant had been in negotiations to replace errant Charlie Sheen in the blockbuster series that has been gilding Warner Bros.’ and CBS’ coffers for years. The latest news, however, is that Grant is out and — ready for this? — Ashton Kutcher is next in line for the role.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Aston Kutcher. He’s hilarious! But, he’s no Charlie Sheen. Two & A Half Men just won’t be the same without him. That’s it. No squabbles. So the big question is, what exactly is Aston Kutcher going to do. I can’t see him being Charlie Harper. It’s just not right. Wouldn’t it be better to bring in Ashton as someone else instead of the lead and go from that angle?


Want to star in a new reality show? Get yourself onto Facebook

Everyone loves a bit of reality TV, whether it is The Only Way Is Essex, Jersey Shore, The Hills or Big Brother. It’s crap TV, totally predictable and something I wouldn’t waste my entire time watching but a sneak peak here and there does come in handy when, like me, you can’t help yourself buying that Heat or Closer magazine.With Big Brother no more on our screens and Davina McCall pushed to one side (huge sigh of relief), new reality shows have proved more popular and we all have to know if Mark Wright & Lauren Goodger are actually ever gonna get married.

TOWIE, which just won a BAFTA yesterday (I know WTF) may in fact be shoved to the side and instead a new reality show might just be the new ‘it’ thing. Budweiser is to launch one called Big Time and is currently recruiting participants through everyone’s favourite social network, Facebook. The show expected to be shown online and on TV later this year, is offering fans the chance to become a ‘professional’ racing car driver, footballer, model, chef, actor or music start by taking part in tasks to win sports trials, auditions or apprenticeships with celebrities and industry experts.

Each episode will feature a different ’dream’, such as becoming a racing driver with Nascar star Kevin Harvick or being a chef at a Las Vegas restaurant working alongside celebrity chef Hubert Keller.

Four fans will be chosen from casting videos submitted to Budweiser’s BudUnited Facebook page after the closing date of 29 June. The page currently has 858,000 followers. So how about it, fancy seeing yourself and your dream come true, reality TV series style? Then check out Facebook!

Source: New Media Age.


Are we closer to our online ‘virtual’ friends as we are to our real friends?

Tariq Tahir wrote an interesting article in the Metro newspaper on Monday called “Our ‘virtual’ friends are just as close as our real ones,” which made me think, he has a point. Over the past 6 months I’ve been using my Twitter as a means to communicate far more than my Facebook. My Facebook is personal and I do use it to communicate with my good ol’ buddies from school/travels/socialising etc but Twitter (although used professionally and personally) has put me in touch with people I never would’ve been able to speak to before.

On a daily basis I have conversations with some awesome people about everything from work, social media, the news, interesting (and sometimes random) topics and just stuff. Yes stuff. Its been reported that the average person has 121 online friends, twice as many as their ‘real-life’ friends. Also that 4 in 5 admit to never actually meeting any of their online friends, they said they felt just as fondly and strongly about them as their ‘physical’ mates. So is it true? Is the world of the internet really turning our followers into friends as good as our real ones?

It’s a topic some may agree on and others won’t. A lot of my friends just use Facebook and are chuffed as pie doing so, with no interest of using any other social mediums at all. Others have given up on Facebook altogether and just use Twitter. Or like me use Facebook occassionally (couple a times a day is occassionally to me) and use Twitter at all moments of the day. Relationships between people are changing drastically because of these available sites online. More and more people are communicating on a daily basis with people online than they are face-to-face. Its been reported that a 3rd of Britons now spend at least 2 hours a day just to keep up with their online mates. I’ll be honest my time spent online goes beyond 2 hours. I wake up in the morning and look at my Twitter first before acknowledging anything else (including people) to see who’s tweeted or included me in their conversation or sent me a DM. I’ll check this right up to about the minute I go to bed. Sad? Maybe. But I think I’m cool. So whatever. I probably spend on average more than 2 hours and in the region of 4 to maybe 5 hours on Twitter even if I’m @ work or at home. Whichever I’m always checking it and always chatting to someone about something. So I probably do spend more time speaking to my ‘virtual’ friends than I do my real ones but I’ve made some brilliant friends who thanks to Twitter I’ve since met some at events, networking/social-meet ups and socialising. To be honest I consider most of them as good friends even if I don’t see them much. The relationships and friendships I’ve built with them are great and I’m thankful to Twitter for connecting me with them. My Facebook friends new and old are still my good friends and still keep in touch with all of them all the time, whether they still live in the country or abroad. Virtual or not my friends are my friends and I’m chuffed as pie to know them all.

Do you find your ‘virtual’ friends are as close as your real friends?


The BlackBerry Playbook, the longest countdown for it’s release ever!

Is it just me or has the news been flying around about the BlackBerry Playbook being released ‘this year’ been going on long enough? I’m pretty sure news of this brand new, never-seen-before, fastest-ever tablet and new hold-onto-your-hats-Apple-bosses-there’s-a-new-kid-in-town Blackberry Playbook was supposed to be released bloody ages ago. Not to be a pain but how is it we’re still waiting but the USA has got it already. It’s not fair. I want it now. The iPad is cool and defo something I’m considering of getting one if BlackBerry doesn’t pull their pants up and get on with releasing theirs already.  BlackBerry have said that they will launch the new tablet this year, early this year. Er it’s May already, a little hint of an exact date would be just dandy please. The device will feature a 7-inch multitouch screen and a new operating system derived from the company’s purchase of QNX. BlackBerry chief executive Mike Lazaridis was joined at the launch by the company’s founder, Dan Dodge, who said that “QNX is going to enable things that you have never seen before”. Lazardis said the PlayBook would be “the first professional tablet”, and Dodge added that it would be “an incredible gaming platform for publishers and the players”.

The tablet will be able to run Adobe’s Flash, which Apple’s iPad doesn’t, and offer micro-HDMI and micro-usb ports. It weighs just 400g and includes dual HD cameras for video calling. Pricing and release dates, for the UK and the rest of the world, have not yet been announced, but it will be available in the USA in the first quarter of 2011 and “international markets” in the second quarter. Although 3G and 4G models are planned for the future, the device will initially connect to the web via wifi or via a user’s BlackBerry smartphone, and offer a reflection of its screen for expanded use. Lazardis said it will offer “true multi-tasking” and “an amplified view of what’s already on your BlackBerry”. It’s expected that 16gb and 32gb models will be offered.

So I’m a thinking here, BlackBerry bosses if you can just hurry up a tad little bit quicker so I can buy this tablet and be happy as. I don’t wanna dive into the world of Apple, I have an iPod and that’s it for me with my relationship and Apple but please don’t make me swap my BlackBerry Curve (although it can be crap sometimes – just saying), I don’t want to swap my BlackBerry Messenger for cool apps that tell you how long it takes to make your beer that cold enough in the fridge (I know right, POINTLESS!). So do it for your people, your BlackBerry geeks who like me can’t wait for this little slice of happiness to just be here already.


Royal Wedding pulls in 72 million viewers

As predicted by the world’s media, YouTube users from all over viewed the Royal Wedding on the video-sharing site. 72 million users watched the wedding on YouTube’s live stream by people in over 188 countries! According to Google, the event’s video received 101 million views, including those who watched the broadcast later in the day. The data revealed that the UK had the most live streams, followed by the US, Italy, Germany and France.

No surprises as to what everyone’s favourite moment was being the kiss from the balcony at Buckingham Palace. During that 10 second moment, a staggering 100,000 people logged on. The official royal wedding site, which was hosted on Google App Engine and built by Accenture, has had over 37.7m page impressions and 13.7m visitors since it launched at the beginning of March.


Save The Torriano and help us ‘Raise The Bar’

The Torriano is based in the residential patch of NW5’s Kentish Town on Torriano Avenue, a 15 min walk from the buzzing Camden High Street. The bar owned by landlady Suzi Martin is a great live-music venue where you can chill out with a glass of cold beer or their scrumptious cocktails on their comfy couches and listen to the sound of good music live in their music lounge downstairs. In the past the likes of Pete Doherty, UK Soul Legend Omar, Coco Summner and Happy Monday’s Bez have all played gigs there as well as comedy fav’s Al Murray and Noel Fielding have performed their comedy bests. The bar best known as a favourite meeting place for song writers, poets, writers, comedians and assorted creatives and draws people from all over thanks to its great community.

Today Saturday 7th May will see the venue host their pre-Album launch for their ‘Raise The Bar’ record which sees the bar raising awareness for their album which features some of the industry greats. Raise The Bar is a unique collaboration of songs featuring material from Pete Doherty as well as previously unreleased tracks from Happy Monday’s guitarist and soloist KAV, Flamenco legend Jackson Scott and band Manos de Dios and Ivor Novello award winner Peter Wolf.

The event today is free entry and will have people from all over coming in their masses to join in on this great occasion. The pre-launch event is being held a week before the official launch of the album where all land lovers will swap their grounded feet to spend an evening cruising the canals of Regents Canal before arriving in good ol’ Camden town. Unfortunately this event isn’t selling tickets instead a competition is in place where two lucky winners can set sail and be part of the evening.  Check out the website for more details here.

The bar set up a band a couple of years ago to change the role of musicians in the UK. The band called The Torrianos are based at the live-music venue in North London, have released catchy melody-driven singles in the past such as ‘Hold Back The Night’ in order to save their much-loved bar from developers. The owners Suzi and Dean are campaigning for people all over to help support and raise money for The Torriano so they can buy The Torriano bar once and for all.  In the past a host of celebrities have joined in on this campaign to raise awareness and stop the developers and planning officers in their paths. Celebrities have included local newsreader Jon Snow to MP Frank Dobson and singer-songwriter Pete Doherty.

There are so many pubs and bars closing every week thanks to crippling taxes, smoking bans and excessive licensing restrictions on live music venues, The Torrianos are fighting for their right to express their creativity and power of their love for music in a place they call their home. Over the past 3 years Camden Council has rejected applications from the bar and their local MP Frank Dobson. The developers have served the bar with notice to terminate their lease and court proceedings are due to take place this October 2011. Suzi Martin says: “Back in the day, people used to go to Church. But for us this venue is our place of congregation. Pubs are essential parts of the community where people can meet and for great things to happen.”

I’ve been coming to this bar for a couple of years now after my best friend and fellow ‘Save The Torriano’ supporter told me the great sense of community mixed in with music vibe and cool conversations is a great bar to go to. Everyone knows everyone, if not by name but that familiar face who go from strangers in the street to you new pal you greet and become friends through social networks and friends you’ll meet up for drinks with. The Torriano is like a big family.  I’m not a local, I don’t live in the North London area but I do consider it my local even if it does take me an overground train and 20 minutes on a sweaty tube to get there. I’m very fond of The Torriano and don’t know many other bars out there with the same sense of community. Everyone there is a new friend, part of this growing family. The Torriano is your local where they differ majorly from the rest. It has character. It’s a pub that every area, every county, every country should have. The bar mixes all types of personalities from bankers to rockers, artists to students to yummy mummy’s and carpenters making the atmosphere a chilled out one. The friendly community-feeling sees people of all ages mix together and swap stories old and new, drinking their drinks with ready smiles and sharing jokes, laughs and experiences.

So come down this weekend and support a great bar threatened by money-hungry corporations who want to demolish what is a community favoured by all. Help Raise The Bar and pledge support against the threat to The Torriano and buy support this great event and album.