Fan of Two & a half Half Men? It’s back, but someone’s missing…

I’m a fan, have been a fan for a while and know a fair few others who are fan’s too. The American TV comedy series starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, is about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie Harper, his his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan’s growing son, Jake. Charlie’s free-wheeling life is complicated when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie’s beach-front Malibu house.

It’s been confirmed that Ashton Kutcher will replace will replace Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men.’ The Hollywood trade reported that “two sources close to the deal-making (said) that the actor is putting the final touches on a deal to replace Charlie Sheen … The exact dollar figure he will be paid is not known but a source says Kutcher is getting a ‘huge payday’.”

TV Squad previously reported that Brit Hugh Grant had been in negotiations to replace errant Charlie Sheen in the blockbuster series that has been gilding Warner Bros.’ and CBS’ coffers for years. The latest news, however, is that Grant is out and — ready for this? — Ashton Kutcher is next in line for the role.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Aston Kutcher. He’s hilarious! But, he’s no Charlie Sheen. Two & A Half Men just won’t be the same without him. That’s it. No squabbles. So the big question is, what exactly is Aston Kutcher going to do. I can’t see him being Charlie Harper. It’s just not right. Wouldn’t it be better to bring in Ashton as someone else instead of the lead and go from that angle?


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