VW under attack by GreenPeace

Greenpeace is launching a campaign against Volkswagen’s environmental record with a spoof of the car brand’s award-winning ‘Darth Vader’ ad, featuring a VW-branded Death Star. The Greenpeace online ad urges viewers to “join the rebellion”, using a young cast of ‘Star Wars’ fans who challenge the VW’s mini Darth Vader. Darth Vader’s nemesis, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his followers, use their lightsabers to terminate a VW-branded “death star” and the mini Darth Vader. The cute little kids are all dressed up as characters from the movie which sees the ickle ones and their light sabers have a stand off with little kiddie Darth Vader.

The ad will be distributed online in more that 14 countries to highlight VW’s poor environmental record. It’s a great little ad and a great comeback from GreenPeace.




New M&M store in London will be the World’s largest candy store. Yum Yum

M&M’s has just launched the largest candy store in the World in London, annexed to the newly opened W Hotel London, this M&M store boasting 35,000 square feet and spread across three and a half stories. It’s big enough to fit over 100 double decker buses inside.

M&M’s World is best known for hailing from the USA that is a retail store that specializes in everything from M&M’s candy to M&M’s clothing. The most famous location is in the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada; stores also opened in Orlando, Florida (2005) and New York City (2006). On Monday 13th June 2011, M&M’s World store in London officially opened to the public, in Leicester Square. The store is officially the World’s largest candy store making it the first M&M’s world outside the states. The British themed gimmicks are worth a look, M&M characters recreating the Beatles Abbey road, portraits of M&M Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, and in the middle of the store a big red double decker bus playing M&M short animations.

Granted, the M&M’s world is like walking into a Disney store where just about every bit of merchandise is ridiculously overpriced with a little M&M logo on them and only has 1 floor dedicated solely to the M&M’s themselves. Tubes of chocolate candy loveliness fill the room with most of the UK-known favourites but unfortunately if you’re a peanut butter M&M lover, more along quick, weirdly enough they don’t sell inernational flavours here. Boo. The loveable M&M’S characters, led by Red and Yellow, are brought to life throughout the fun-filled store. Building on the popular Peanut, Choco and Crispy varieties that can be purchased across the UK, there is be a range of merchandise including apparel, kitchenware, bedding, jewellery, and glassware, as well as seasonal items and specially-designed London-themed M&M’S branded product. The store even features a giant interactive wall of chocolate, where visitors can create their own custom-blended M&M’s selection from a full range of 22 colours including the Choco and Peanut varieties.

For tourists and kids alike this is a great little afternoon treat whilst in Central London. The chances of going in and not coming out with a tonne of sweets, a t-shirt or golf club with the M&M’s logo on it is nil to none but even so checking out this great tourist attraction is good fun.


Grandparents Are Setting A New Trend And Joining Us On Social Networks

How many times have you explained Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to your Grandparents? If like me a lot. So, like me you might be surprised to hear that 22% of all Grandparents are using social networks. Honestly my Grandparents won’t and as far as I know don’t use any form of social networks because of many reasons such they don’t have a computer, they dint understand the privacy issues with most social sites out there or for the plan simple fact that they just don’t get/understand/know how to use them. If your Grandparents do, big high 5 to them :-).

MyVoucherCodes did a study which collected results from 1,341 Grandparents in the UK, which showed that 71% of Grandparents use Facebook, 34% are on Twitter and 9% are on LinkedIn. 51% of Grandparents said they’re quite active logging on a least once or more a week and 35% logging in a few times a month. 68% of them said they joined up in the past year. They are amongst the millions of us that are active users of social networks in the UK and Worldwide.

Many reasons for us using social networks is the same for that of our Grandparents. Most of us use the likes of Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends or thanks to social commerce and more companies daily uploading their fan or company pages online, we are all using social networks to keep in touch with the latest of all news. The report suggests that our Grandparents were influenced by younger generations in their family. So there we have it. Next time you try to explain social networks to your Grandparents keep in mind they might already know or may just know your online presence as well!


One To Watch: Pop Up Screen’s. The New Must-Go-To Event

Open air cinema‘s are the norm if you live in America. We always see in the movie’s, couples snuggled under a blanket sipping beer watching a scary or classic movie in their cars. But we never really hear of it in the UK. It’s something of a hot topic that’s always mentioned when having a picnic with your mates but something most don’t go down the path of actually doing. Well hold onto your horse peeps, a new trend is in town. Outdoor cinema’s are fast becoming a new craze in the UK and something everyone is hearing about through the grapevine thanks to word of mouth online. Outdoor cinema’s screening film buff’s favourite movies where you can bring your picnic and mates, chill out with some drinks thanks to a fully licensed bar offering beer and wine and freshly made popcorn and yummy tasty treats to tease your pallets.

A few months ago after browsing my followers on Twitter, I came across a new interesting follower who does exactly that and goes by the name of Pop Up Screens. The organiser; Dave came up with the idea and launched his fab little plan in Ravenscourt Park, West London over the May Bank Holiday weekend last month. With 3 films showing, playing over each night (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) this event was bound to draw in a crowd of movie lovers of all ages. On the first night, comedy favorite Anchorman was showing. As movie buffs and die-hard-mostache-wearing fans came in their hundreds, the sun shined brightly and it kicked off to a great start. As blankets settled down on the grass, beer bottles popped open their lids and wine was sipped and the audience tucked into exotic food delights such as Ostrich burgers. The movie Anchorman is a tongue in cheek account of the news media in the 70’s starring Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. Cult favourite The Big Lebowski shows on the Saturday, with Jeff Bridges starring alongside Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. The final screening on Sunday is the science fiction comedy Ghostbusters. One of the biggest grossing films of all time, Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray as one of three scientists turned ghost catchers. All the movies are a great choice for all age groups and all provide a good amount from laughs at each. Tickets at all the events were £7 if bought in advance or £9 on the door. T-Shirts and posters with great little slogans on them were selling (and still are) over the 3 nights and still on the website.

All The Peeps Getting Ready For The Show

I attended both the Anchorman & The Big Lebowski screenings to help with the team at the event. Thankfully the weather didn’t show us up and rain as it had been predicted and both nights were a great experience and a good laugh. I made some new friends and mingled with a cool group of people. All 3 nights drew in crowds of over 150 per night and was definitely a crowd pleaser.

This was Dave’s first event and he said he’d definitely like to do another one again someday soon and if the positive feedback is anything to go by, I think plenty of people will agree. Since I’ve seen the great response for Pop Up Screens, I’ve started seeing many other open air cinema’s like it that are doing similar events all over London. I hope Dave does more of these great little get-togethers.


How Much Do You Love Your Friends To Do This…

There are many ways you can prove how much your mates mean to you. You can show them by going to that concert or cook them a lush dinner or going with them to support their all important job interview or audition but would you ever tattoo their picture on your arm? Well how about tattooing 152 of your most important, most cared about Facebook friends onto your arm?

No this isn’t some made up video, this woman actually got a tattoo of 152 of her closest friends on her arm. Publicity stunt, I’ve no clue but the mind does boggle as to why someone would actually go that extreme and do it *shakes head.*

There has been many articles over the past few years when someone out there has gone one step too far, got their 15 minutes of fame in the process from doing some whacky shit including the Ray Ban’s guy. A guy named Matthew got his 15 minutes of fame by getting a tattoo of Ray Ban’s sunglasses. You’d of thought though that the tattoo would be on his arm, his neck maybe or heck on somewhere on his body where clothing can cover it up. But oh no, not this dude. He got the tattoo on his face! What an idiot. Apparently it was some publicity stunt for the trendy sunglasses brand but seriously how’s he going to get a job after this?

Check out the video and let me know what you think…




Britain’s Got Talent…who’s really got talent and who really hasn’t!

This years line up of talent has been a combination of good, excellent, brilliant, bad and crap. Yes I said it. I mean what’s with some of the dog acts. I mean really. Really? What were you thinking putting some of them through and don’t even get me started on that Arnie guy. What was with that Britney impersonator too? I love Britney Spears but jeez Louise what were you thinking on that. She can’t sing at all and just pranced around the stage like a bad bad bad backup dancer. But since Jai won, who admittedly I wanted to win from the start, the question is what’s going to happen to the rest of them? The others who have talent and all brought us a little smile and a giggle along the way. Here’s my pick of the best and worst from this years Britain’s Got Talent.

The Best 

Edward Reid

Edward Reid impressed the live audience and judges with a medley of nursery rhymes performed in the style of Snow Patrol’s Run. The drama teacher went to the auditions in Glasgow and told Ant and Dec:

“I teach a group called the Nifty Fifties which are pensioners. I teach them drama, which is a fantastic class. I like working with people with special needs, they seem to have amazing personalities. Somehow they have no inhibitions, so all the classes are always funny and entertaining. I used to work in a day centre and i used to walk about singing all the time and someone said to me, ‘You’ve got a nice voice,’ and I’ve never heard that before. He added: “I think Britain’s Got Talent would change my life. Just the fact that I’m here, this’ll be the biggest audience I’ve ever sung in front of. If I got to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of the Queen, those five minutes in her presence would be amazing.”

James Hobley

There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience when James danced wowed the judges with a Billy Elliot-style performance hopes to join the Bolshoi Ballet. When on the live shows Simon Cowell led the praise for James, who uses his passion for dance to battle autism. He said: “I thought you were absolutely brilliant.”

Out Of The Blue

This group is made up of university students aged 18 to 22, performed at their audition doing a medley of Lady Gaga‘s Bad Romance and Justin Timberlake‘s SexyBack in a capella style. Band member Nick Fletcher tells the judges: “We don’t use any instruments. We think that’s really exciting.”We’re all really good friends. Singing with mates is probably my favourite thing to do. Really belting it out is a lot of fun. It’s is a momentous day for the group.”

Razy Gogonea

Brilliant body popper and breakdancer Razy wowed the judges and audiences with his matrix-inspired act. Romanian dancer Razy Gogonea, 28, bounded onto the stage as he ran on on his knees, dressed as Keanu Reeves’ character Neo from the infamous sci-fi movie. A tearful Razy struggled to contain himself as all three judges voted to send him through to the next round.

Ronan Parke

Cutey 12 year old Ronan Parke wowed the judges of his blinding performance of Nina Simone‘s Feeling Good. Angelic schoolboy Ronan was advised to ‘not bother to go back to school’ by Michael McIntyre after he wowed the audience at the London auditions. The 12-year-old burst into tears when he was given three yesses. Although there’s been speculation over whether he’s been signed up to his Syco Music label two years ago, the 12 year old has been great putting all horrible news stories to the side and is definitely one to watch, some claiming he could be the next Justin Bieber.

Michael Collins

19 year old IT Engineer Michael Collins also wowed the judges with his acoustic performance of Tracy Chapman‘s Fast Car. He was hailed as the next Susan Boyle and says he’s excited by his new found fame. The judging panel looked less than impressed when Michael strolled onstage looking scruffy in tracksuit bottoms and a garish orange hoodie. ‘He looks like he’s going on a long-haul flight,’ Amanda Holden remarked as Michael sat down with his guitar, to which McIntyre added: ‘On Easy Jet.’

Les Gibson

Les Gibson wowed the judges in his audition but didn’t match perfectly in the finals. The 41-year-old Les started his impressions in school by immitating the teachers and has since made a career out of his talent.

Steven Hall

wowed ITV1 audiences with his ‘exhilarating’ performance on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday, aiming to follow in the famous footsteps of BGT’s 2009 runner-up. And the 53-year-old had the Liverpool audition crowd in stitches – and judges Amanda Holden, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff speechless – with his dance and mime routine. The 53-year-old telecommunications engineer from Kendal revealed he practiced his routine, which included Do You Love Me, The Twist, Macarena, Thriller, The Birdy Song and Britney Spears, once or twice a week in his small kitchen. The performance baffled me beyond belief but it was a good funny act that saw the audience in tears, crying with laughter. Baffling yes, but oh so funny!

David & Karen

The magic duo wowed the judges with their awesome magic act.

Joe Oakley

Jai McDowall

Young adult sport worker Jai won Britain’s Got Talent by stunning the judges from the very beginning. The 24 year old hid his nerves are as he belted it out in his first audition. His audition reduced Amanda Holden to tears and a huge round of applause from both the judges and the audience.

New Bounce

The 12-16 year old schoolboys and best friends New Bounce dream to be massive stars, make records and be in the charts. Starting off doing not so great, performed brilliantly after being stopped by Amanda Holden and asked to perform another song.

Bionic Funk

Bionic Funk weren’t shown in the ITV1  audition but on the Britain’s Got More Talent show on ITV2 and showed the duo doing a great dance act in the shape of a Mario game act. Very good but unfortunately weren’t put through to the Semi Finals which in my opinion was a bad decision.

Here’s some of my other favourites: 

Paul Gbegbaje

Two & a Half Men

Michael Moral

The Worst-Definitely The What Were You Thinking Acts?!

Nathan Wyburn

You either loved or hated Nathan’s performance and it was a whacky one. The 21-year-old Nathan is a fine arts student who is here to improve the quality of the talent with his artistic skills. However, he’s chosen to do that with toast and Marmite! In an unusual but impressive performance for such a large audience, Nathan skillfully builds a portrait of none other than our very own Britain’s Got Talent judge Michael McIntyre. Downright weird.

Weird Eye-Popping Man

JUST NO! The fact that he got through to the Semi Final’s surprises the hell out of me when he’s got no actual real talent.

Dog Acts

Yes they look cute. But come on. It’s just weird. So they can jump and run, who knew?!

That Arnie dude

I don’t have words to explain this random one.

Wachiaporn Tirpak

I just don’t get it.

Lorna Bliss


So with all the talent and not talent shown this year. I wonder what’s going to come next year. I wonder. Is there anyone you think was fantastic or just shite that is worthy of a mention?

14 million tuned into see Jai McDowall beat hot favourite Ronan Parke in last week’s final.

The Britain’s Got Talent final dominated Saturday night television, with 14million tuning in to see Jai McDowall beat hot favourite Ronan Parke in a shock victory. Jai appeared on DayBreak on Monday and admitted that his victory over the 12-year-old singer came as a shock and was still ‘very surreal’.

‘It’s been a whirlwind and such an emotional rollercoaster as well. You don’t realise you’ve won and what’s actually happened’ said Jai from Tarbolton, Ayrshire. Jai’s victory came as a surprise with odds being on 12-year-old Ronan winning the £100,000 cash prize and a chance to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance. The 24-year-old Scottish singer has had nothing but praise for runner up Ronan. Ronan still has a big shot in the music industry with many reports this week that he will be signed up quicker than you know it and has a bright future ahead.


Google’s 1st UK advert hits our shores with a beautiful video from a loving father to his daughter

You’ve probably seen the recent TV ad for Google Chrome. The one where a father uses the internet to send emails and YouTube video’s to his daughter Hollie from the moment she was an ickle little baby to her 7th Birthday.

This is the first UK advert by the search engine giant Google, the rework of the original which was released in America but to adorable little girl called Sophie Lee.

Both video’s use the internet to explain how each Dad’s daughter has grown up using different forms of online channels including Google and YouTube to show the audience how their little girl’s have grown up from their 1st Birthday to their little brother. The premise is a father setting up an address to email his new-born daughter and then sending her messages over the course of her life. Google has been advertising on television in America for several years, but UK adverts have been largely restricted to print and billboard sites. Its new version is a clear attempt to reach beyond its traditional technology enthusiast audience while tapping in to a new type of more emotional advertising. It seems perfect timing when Father’s Day is in a few weeks.

Both video’s brought a tear to my eyes and I’m sure a few others too. Do you think it’s a good idea?

The ad aired during the Manchester United vs Barcelona UEFA Champion’s league game last Saturday.