How Much Do You Love Your Friends To Do This…

There are many ways you can prove how much your mates mean to you. You can show them by going to that concert or cook them a lush dinner or going with them to support their all important job interview or audition but would you ever tattoo their picture on your arm? Well how about tattooing 152 of your most important, most cared about Facebook friends onto your arm?

No this isn’t some made up video, this woman actually got a tattoo of 152 of her closest friends on her arm. Publicity stunt, I’ve no clue but the mind does boggle as to why someone would actually go that extreme and do it *shakes head.*

There has been many articles over the past few years when someone out there has gone one step too far, got their 15 minutes of fame in the process from doing some whacky shit including the Ray Ban’s guy. A guy named Matthew got his 15 minutes of fame by getting a tattoo of Ray Ban’s sunglasses. You’d of thought though that the tattoo would be on his arm, his neck maybe or heck on somewhere on his body where clothing can cover it up. But oh no, not this dude. He got the tattoo on his face! What an idiot. Apparently it was some publicity stunt for the trendy sunglasses brand but seriously how’s he going to get a job after this?

Check out the video and let me know what you think…




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