One To Watch: Pop Up Screen’s. The New Must-Go-To Event

Open air cinema‘s are the norm if you live in America. We always see in the movie’s, couples snuggled under a blanket sipping beer watching a scary or classic movie in their cars. But we never really hear of it in the UK. It’s something of a hot topic that’s always mentioned when having a picnic with your mates but something most don’t go down the path of actually doing. Well hold onto your horse peeps, a new trend is in town. Outdoor cinema’s are fast becoming a new craze in the UK and something everyone is hearing about through the grapevine thanks to word of mouth online. Outdoor cinema’s screening film buff’s favourite movies where you can bring your picnic and mates, chill out with some drinks thanks to a fully licensed bar offering beer and wine and freshly made popcorn and yummy tasty treats to tease your pallets.

A few months ago after browsing my followers on Twitter, I came across a new interesting follower who does exactly that and goes by the name of Pop Up Screens. The organiser; Dave came up with the idea and launched his fab little plan in Ravenscourt Park, West London over the May Bank Holiday weekend last month. With 3 films showing, playing over each night (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) this event was bound to draw in a crowd of movie lovers of all ages. On the first night, comedy favorite Anchorman was showing. As movie buffs and die-hard-mostache-wearing fans came in their hundreds, the sun shined brightly and it kicked off to a great start. As blankets settled down on the grass, beer bottles popped open their lids and wine was sipped and the audience tucked into exotic food delights such as Ostrich burgers. The movie Anchorman is a tongue in cheek account of the news media in the 70’s starring Will Ferrell and Christina Applegate. Cult favourite The Big Lebowski shows on the Saturday, with Jeff Bridges starring alongside Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. The final screening on Sunday is the science fiction comedy Ghostbusters. One of the biggest grossing films of all time, Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray as one of three scientists turned ghost catchers. All the movies are a great choice for all age groups and all provide a good amount from laughs at each. Tickets at all the events were £7 if bought in advance or £9 on the door. T-Shirts and posters with great little slogans on them were selling (and still are) over the 3 nights and still on the website.

All The Peeps Getting Ready For The Show

I attended both the Anchorman & The Big Lebowski screenings to help with the team at the event. Thankfully the weather didn’t show us up and rain as it had been predicted and both nights were a great experience and a good laugh. I made some new friends and mingled with a cool group of people. All 3 nights drew in crowds of over 150 per night and was definitely a crowd pleaser.

This was Dave’s first event and he said he’d definitely like to do another one again someday soon and if the positive feedback is anything to go by, I think plenty of people will agree. Since I’ve seen the great response for Pop Up Screens, I’ve started seeing many other open air cinema’s like it that are doing similar events all over London. I hope Dave does more of these great little get-togethers.


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