Grandparents Are Setting A New Trend And Joining Us On Social Networks

How many times have you explained Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to your Grandparents? If like me a lot. So, like me you might be surprised to hear that 22% of all Grandparents are using social networks. Honestly my Grandparents won’t and as far as I know don’t use any form of social networks because of many reasons such they don’t have a computer, they dint understand the privacy issues with most social sites out there or for the plan simple fact that they just don’t get/understand/know how to use them. If your Grandparents do, big high 5 to them :-).

MyVoucherCodes did a study which collected results from 1,341 Grandparents in the UK, which showed that 71% of Grandparents use Facebook, 34% are on Twitter and 9% are on LinkedIn. 51% of Grandparents said they’re quite active logging on a least once or more a week and 35% logging in a few times a month. 68% of them said they joined up in the past year. They are amongst the millions of us that are active users of social networks in the UK and Worldwide.

Many reasons for us using social networks is the same for that of our Grandparents. Most of us use the likes of Facebook or Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends or thanks to social commerce and more companies daily uploading their fan or company pages online, we are all using social networks to keep in touch with the latest of all news. The report suggests that our Grandparents were influenced by younger generations in their family. So there we have it. Next time you try to explain social networks to your Grandparents keep in mind they might already know or may just know your online presence as well!


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