Watch out BranchOut, there’s a new monster in town

Clearly seeing the advantages of using social networks to reach out to millions of users like LinkedIn and BranchOut, Monster has launched a Facebook app to build a professional network separately and apart from the ones their friends get to see.

The app, called BeKnown borrows much from LinkedIn and BranchOut focusing on younger workers beginning to build their business contacts that don’t have access to, nor use the number 1 recruitment business network LinkedIn. The app makes it possible for users to invite contacts from other sources which BranchOut does not, from sources such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Twitter and of course Facebook. Installing the app gives users a second Facebook profile that can be imported from LinkedIn or Monster if they are registered there. The user’s personal information such as personal pictures and other Facebook content can in fact be managed to create a different persona from the your social friends on the networking site get to see. Keeping it as it is, your BeKnown visual appearance will mimic that of your Facebook appearance and presence.

When you set up your BeKnown profile, you can view and apply for jobs, see company information, get endorsed and apply for jobs directly from the app. You even have an online version of your resume which can be printed in PDF.  You’ll be automatically matched to jobs, based on the information you profile on your BeKnown profile. The great thing about this app is that anyone and everyone from all experience and work levels and different job seekers can use it. You don’t need to be professional to use the app and it promotes a different level of networking on Facebook whichever position you are seeking. It’s also international as the app is available in 19 languages. Groovy eh?

It’s pretty easy to get started on the app. There’s no long lengthy processes to get you started and millions of questions to tick, click or choose. When you install the app, import your Facebook profile and a photo (the more professional kind), probably not the one of you getting legless at your mates birthday (just saying)  and edit your profile to include all your experiences and education. Once you’ve completed your BeKnown profile, it will look like an online version of your resume and you’ll be able to apply for jobs. It’s important to know that any information you do import from your Facebook profile is brushed up and not anything that can dampen your chances of getting a job. Wouldn’t want that now hey. If you’re already a Monster user, you can in fact import your resume from Monster to the app. In addition to your online profile, there is a PDF version you can print.

Connecting on BeKnown couldn’t actually be simpler. You don’t have to be Facebook friends to make a connection on BeKnown. If you want to, who’s stopping you, but from an employment perspective you don’t need to add your boyfriend, your parents and party-animal cousin Judith to your app. Treat this app as your professional network of connections, remember that Facebook is your private life and LinkedIn is your professional life. Just think any bad press on yourself could hurt your chances of that dream job. It’s a point to remember and not to forget.

When you’re job searching, BeKnown provides active assistance with several job search tools. Monster’s job search is built into the app, so you’ll be able to search for jobs on Monster from BeKnown. You’ll see job openings at your friend’s companies, and you’ll also see featured jobs. The featured jobs are automatically matched with your profile, which is why it’s a good idea to make sure that your profile is complete and accurate. Monster’s matching service provides personalized job leads based on your experience and qualifications. When you find a job you’re interested in, you can either apply now or apply later. When you’re ready to apply, there’s a one-click process where you’ll send your BeKnown profile to the company. You’ll also be able to read more about the company on its BeKnown company page. If there’s a company you’re interested in that doesn’t have an opening at the moment, you’ll be able to follow the company to see new job openings once they are posted.

Know someone who is great at what they do? Give them an endorsement on BeKnown and you’ll earn a badge similar to BranchOut’s badges. The badges you earn will be posted on your profile. When you receive an endorsement, it will show on your profile, as well, once you approve it. On the employer side, BeKnown provides company pages and job postings for employers. Job postings are free to list for your 1st and 2nd degree connections, there’s a fee if you’d like to expand your posting to reach more job seekers.

How does it compare to the other Recruitment networking sites out there?

As most people in the talent acquisition industry know, LinkedIn has and is the major force in the corporate recruiting market. It’s seen by all and is best known as being the professional social network for corporate recruiters and job seekers. Corporate recruiting is LinkedIn’s fastest growing revenue stream, and the company is now aggressively building new tools and services.  Today the LinkedIn network has around 100 million users and is growing at a rate of nearly 3 million per month. While this growth is wonderful for LinkedIn’s investors and most corporate recruiters, there is an entire world of Facebook users who do not use LinkedIn (yet).  Facebook, with more than 750 million users, taps into a broader audience who uses the network for different purposes.  Facebook users keep in touch with friends, play games, share photos and family news, publish personal information, and often promote information about their children, pets, and local activities.  They even publish their location.

So, despite LinkedIn’s tremendous growth, there is still a huge untapped network of Facebook users who are not yet taking advantage of professional social networking.  (A “professional social network” is one that we use for business networking, recruiting, and the promotion of our professional expertise and experience, so it requires a different set of features and security than Facebook offers today.)  BeKnown has the potential to bring professional social networking to this huge new audience.

The big question running through my mind is, Can Monster make a success of BeKnown?

It sounds like a great idea, I really do think it will do well for itself. I’m just hoping it won’t be a slow starter like BranchOut, which still, a year on is struggling to get its full money worth as a direct competitor of LinkedIn. The use of Social Networks for Corporate Recruiting has proved powerful for both recruiting and job seeking. The corporate recruitment industry itself is worth a staggering $120 billion and is still transforming by LinkedIn because the system is such a powerful tool for recruiters to find passive candidates.  People in the LinkedIn network maintain their profile actively, giving recruiters a real-time, highly accurate database from which to search and contact candidates. And the growth of LinkedIn has dramatically impacted many of the big players in this market.  Mid-sized recruiting companies are seeing big companies develop more and more expertise in the use of social networking internally. And large job boards like Monster.com, The Ladders, and others are seeking job seekers (and recruiters) move their money and energy toward LinkedIn. The first professional networking application in Facebook is BranchOut, which has built around a million users already is still at a slow start in comparison to the fast growth LinkedIn has seen since its launch.  The launch of BeKnown, developed by Monster, is a major move to change these dynamics and give Monster a significant opportunity to play in the Facebook network of job seekers and recruitment needs.

Monster.com is one of the biggest and most experienced players in the corporate recruiting market. The company operates a vast array of websites, advertising services, and media tools to help job seekers and recruiters with more than 49 million unique visitors globally. It has always been a great database to source new candidates and has thrived since its launch back in 1999 which has seen it become known as the biggest recruitment network in the world. Now with major players such as LinkedIn and most recently BranchOut, Monster has had to explore other avenues to help recruiters find the best talent in the market. Although the company generatess over $1 Billion in revenue and has continued to grow over the last few years, it seems its business has been slow because of the growth in social networks, vertical job boards, and job aggregators like Indeed.com.

Most of my clients and agencies I work with have said they are shifting their spend away from the likes of Monster, Total Jobs, CV Library etc and spend their money on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as their own employment branding strategies as the ROI is much higher and better. Nearly everyone including job seekers, employers, the dude next to you and the girl in front of you on the tube has a Twitter and/or Facebook account. The fact that social networks has increased its followers/fans/members and can reach a global audience for little or no money, its no surprise Monster have launched an app for these markets to attract more people and become a more social recruitment tool.

I really hope that BeKnown makes a great stand in this  competitive recruiting market and keep on the ball with the latest trends to keep their app up-to-date and in line with Facebook & LinkedIn. The app only launched a few weeks ago so it is early stages yet to start throwing our opinions around and judging it or complimenting it as it’s yet unproven in the market. Potentially this could become a major social networking tool in the marketplace that will potentially one day be in the same line or better than LinkedIn. The 600 million “non-LinkedIn” users in Facebook can use the app as an entry point to build their own professional network.  LinkedIn users who may not want their Facebook identities shared can use BeKnown to build professional networks through their Facebook friends, many of whom may not use LinkedIn today. As a tool for professionals, BeKnown gives users the ability to more carefully control what information they share – enabling people to finally separate their “family and personal” Facebook account from their “Professional” facebook profile in BeKnown. For recruiters, BeKnown extends Facebook with features to make recruiting far easier.  Recruiters can easily set up company pages, post jobs, create referral networks, and leverage existing Monster job listings among the BeKnown network.  The system’s features for badging, job sharing, job referrals, and company pages should quickly create a “market for jobs” which builds upon Facebook’s reach, but bypasses Facebook’s more generalized advertising system. For professionals who actively use LinkedIn today, this is a directly competitive system (and now another professional network to manage). I hope BeKnown will attract a bigger audience of people who are one to join the likes of LinkedIn and build a strong network of people from all walks of life, young or old through a global audience whatever their profession is. Maybe one day we may see LinkedIn coming a close second to this new and exciting app.


The History of Advertising on YouTube

This infographic posted up by Lauren Drell, an assisted editor of supported content at Mashable posted this interesting look at The History of Advertising on YouTube. YouTube being the most popular and worldwide known video-sharing platform sees a staggering 2 billion hits a day. Thanks to their 10,000 brand partners and masses of promoted videos, YouTube has become an important part of Google’s portfolio of products. YouTube is so darn awesome they see an average of 2 billion video views per week with 70% of their traffic coming from outside the US. More video content is uploaded to the site in a 60 day period than 3 major US TV networks created in 60 years. Double whammy of awesomeness! Now that mobile is kicking up a gear, YouTube Mobile is the most-trafficked video-viewing mobile website, gamering 7.1 million, yes, million unique visitors each month.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how the site — and its advertising strategy — have evolved since its founding in 2005.


Great infographic from Mashable about how much time is spent watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream. The world creates a lot of data daily, so imagine how much is created and digested by us every day!

The infographic below, found via Mashable, contains a few more mind-blowing comparisons to help you make sense of the numbers.


History of Advertising [Infographic] via @Mashable


It’s been reported that advertisers will spend $4 billion on Facebook advertising this year. Yes you read that right, $4 billion. Facebook has managed to become one of the most talked about social networks in the world and gets action from 7.3% of the world’s population making Zuckerberg one heck of a rich young man. Sarah Kessler at Mashable did the research for this infographic which looks at the history of advertising on Facebook.


Source: Mashable


When Everything Goes Wrong The Only Answer Is To Sue

We’ve all been there where we’ve had our hearts broken at least once in our lives right? If I had £1000 for every guy whose broken my heart (not that many believe me), I’d be booking a fabulous holiday with my girlfriends. But I don’t and that’s where that would end. Would I sue any of them? What’s the point? Well, as the line goes “Only In America” I came across this article today about a lady who has sued the ass out of her former flame for breaking her achy breaky heart.

Cheryl Gray, a 50-year-old woman from Michigan  is suing former flame Wylie Iwan, a 35-year-old Applebee’s employee from Washington, for “misrepresentation, promissory estoppel, defamation of character, and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” reports CNET.

So how did these two former lovers find each other?

Over an app game of course.

Facebook favourite app game ‘Mafia Wars’ played by many (not me-I have a life) allows players to build their virtual criminal empires by collaborating with their friends to complete crime jobs, fight and rob other Mafia crews, run underground businesses and purchase criminal musthaves like weapons and getaway cars. Set in New York City at launch, the game has added a number of locales for players to expand their criminal empires.  This game brought these two people together as friends before their relationship blossomed into a real-life love affair with the pair spending hours a day online chatting, Gray told the Tri-City Herald. She claims she showered Iwan with gifts and bought tickets to fly out to Seattle to see him.

But their relationship was short-lived and turned ugly after Iwan told Gray he met someone else. The two have had a series of exchanges on Facebook, with each posting “nasty things” about the other, including money Gray thinks she’s entitled to for the things she had given Iwan, plus that Seattle trip she never took that cost her $956.88.

Gray, an unemployed former paralegal, said she lavished the Applebee’s employee (and his sons) with gifts, including a digital camera and tickets to the Seattle Mariners’ opening game at home. She even reserved a hotel room and rental car for a trip she never took, after he told her he’d met someone at a bar in eastern Washington’s Kennewick, where he lives. (He says she gave her blessing on his new relationship.)

Detroit’s XWYZ talked to Gray, who says she spent about $1,200 on Iwan, of which he’s repaid $300. Iwan’s Michigan-based attorney has filed a motion to dismiss. The two sides are scheduled to convene in Livonia’s 16th District Court on Aug. 1 over that motion. The “breakup” — there seems to be a dispute that they were ever really a couple, though Gray said they chatted online for hours every day beginning in December — got really messy fast, with both allegedly posting nasty messages about each other publicly on their Facebook walls and amongst their mutual Facebook friends. While you can’t sue for heartbreak, Gray did file a civil suit in Michigan district court seeking $8,368.88 for misrepresentation, defamation of character and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Tri-City Herald’s Paula Horton (via The Seattle Times) interviewed both plaintiff and defendant, who, in typical his-and-her perspectives, weave a sordid tale of like, then love, gone wrong. Gray said the hours of chatting led her to believe the two had a future together, while Iwan says he was clear in telling her they were friends, and that she should only visit him as a friend. “I told her I love her, too. I was meaning it as a friend.”

The whole wacky story is one of many where people do do the funniest things via social networking sites. It sounds like they were never a couple but Gray is clearly a little fuddy duddy in the head to assume a relationship was about to take its next step with her ‘lover.’

Aother wacky story involving the 750million user social networking site involves a Facebook deprived man who sued the social network because he was cut off. Yes cut off.

For Mustafa Fteja, Facebook is more than just a hobby. It’s the main way the 30-year-old Albanian native has stayed in touch with friends and family all over the world for three years, and when he was inexplicably cut off from it, he did what every other person in this country seems to do when they’re mad enough: he sued.

In seeking $500,000, Fteja is suing Facebook for disabling his account, in which he had about 340 friends and family and had spent “timeless hours creating content and relationships [Facebook] benefitted from,” the suit contends. He wants it back on, and he wants the company to pay for the damage of alienating him from his family and friends (about $1500 per friend/family).

“I had the Facebook for one purpose — to keep in contact with my family,” Fteja told The Daily News. His access to Facebook, he said, stopped in September, and repeated pleas to the company were for the most part unanswered, except for a generic e-mail sent to him two weeks later telling him he violated the terms of the Facebook agreement. These notices usually go to accounts suspected of being fake or uploading malicious content, or that “infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law.”

“I know one thing – I didn’t do anything,” he told The New York Post (which lists him as 39 and a native of Montenegro. Gotta love those New York dailies.). “I didn’t violate anything.”

He aired his speculations to the tabloid. “Did someobody hack my account? I don’t know. If it’s that someobody hacked my account, Facebook should help me. If you have a problem with your AOL login, AOL helps you. Not Facebook,” he said.

“I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this for justice. I believe there should be some, somewhere,” he told The New York Post.

But Fteja probably should have read the fine print in Facebook’s terms before filing his lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court, because Facebook explicitly states that any dispute has to be resolved in California, specifically in Santa Clara County, which happens to be Facebook’s home turf.

It seems he’s a big lover of his social networking site and as this proves would do anything for it.

So the big question is what is Facebook worth to you? Would you blame it if anything changed in your life via the site enough to warrant going to court over it?


The Who, Why And How of Twitter [infographic]

BuySellAds created this rich infographic to show at-a-glance what the Twitter ecoystem has become since it launched in 2006. Are you nterested in who tweets, why they do, what they share and how often they do it?Since its launch in 2006, the social micro-blogging site has become a large communication tool within the social media landscape. Everyone from your friends, family, colleagues, work, celebrities, public figures, media outlets, fashion companies, businesses both large and small and many other people around the world are on it and talking about it. Some even favouring it as a load better than Facebook. Now that’s saying something. Check out the infographic below to see who really is using the Twitter site.


Teeny Bopper JB Hits Record Followers On Twitter

Teeny Bopper Justin Bieber has hit a new high thanks to his global following of Tweeny bopper fans on social networking site Twitter. His Twitter account has attracted a staggering 11.007 million followers, it was reported today. He follows in the footsteps of Mother Monster Lady Gaga who is the most followed celebrity in the world with a staggering 11.9million followers. Barack Obama is the 3rd most followed celebrity with 9 million followers.

Bieber took to Twitter to thank his fans: #11MillionBeliebers! I LOVE YOU ALL!! THANK YOU….tonight was already a fun great night and now it is even better. THANK U THANK U THANK U.’
‘We are a family….never say never. DREAM BIG!!!!’

Fans on Twitter celebrated the singer’s milestone: 
Im_applesun tweeted: “@justinbieber our family is getting BIGGER #11millionBeliebers so proud to be part of it , I’ll always support you 😉 Congrats Justin.” “@justinbieber Congrats Justin! #11millionbeliebers! You really deserve it! WE ALL LOVE YOU! #BIGFAMILY,” wrote JustinBieber smile


Congrats to the teenager, but I’m still trying to get what the big fascination is with him. Maybe I won’t understand because I’m no longer a teenager but is it just me in thinking WTF?