Barclays Mock-umentary Shows The Future Of Payment

This comical mock-umentary of ‘The Future Of Payment’ by Barclay‘s shows how through history payment has changed through bartering, using bank notes and other currencies to the use of electronic devices. Barclay card has over the recent years shown us how the power of mobile and digital can change something so simple as making a payment as this film shows.

The microsite charts the changes from bartering to shekels, ending up at contactless payments, and has been developed to plug their latest contactless payment scheme. Over 50,000 stores, including Pret a Manger, Subway and Eat, are participating in Barclay’s and Barlcaycard’s trial which aims to cut cueing and reduce the cost of card transactions. It features the red head one from TOWIE, as a star of the video, who comes across just as thick as she does on the ITV2 series. I’m looking forward to the next video, hopefully it’s a little bit better than this one.


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