The History of Advertising on YouTube

This infographic posted up by Lauren Drell, an assisted editor of supported content at Mashable posted this interesting look at The History of Advertising on YouTube. YouTube being the most popular and worldwide known video-sharing platform sees a staggering 2 billion hits a day. Thanks to their 10,000 brand partners and masses of promoted videos, YouTube has become an important part of Google’s portfolio of products. YouTube is so darn awesome they see an average of 2 billion video views per week with 70% of their traffic coming from outside the US. More video content is uploaded to the site in a 60 day period than 3 major US TV networks created in 60 years. Double whammy of awesomeness! Now that mobile is kicking up a gear, YouTube Mobile is the most-trafficked video-viewing mobile website, gamering 7.1 million, yes, million unique visitors each month.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how the site — and its advertising strategy — have evolved since its founding in 2005.


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