Great New Ad by L’Oreal on Facebook

I came across this the other day whilst browsing cool new brand campaigns on Facebook. I love this new ad by L’Oreal which is specifically for promotion of the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert range which uses a character called ‘The Expert’ who stars in videos on YouTube and answers questions on Facebook about how to be a man.

The campaign is mainly using video content with videos such as:

“How To Use An App”

“How To Pick A Lock”

“How To Tie A Perfect Tie”

The campaign invites their audience to ask questions via the Facebook page to ‘The Expert’ which is then answered via witty comments and advice. This is the latest push using social media by the beauty giant, targeting men and encouraging them to see the benefits of male grooming so that it becomes part of their daily routine.

The push, created by VCCP, is L’Oreal’s first for its men’s range in six years that does not feature one of its celebrity ambassadors, who include Gerard Butler and Hugh Laurie.


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