[Infographic] How Online Identity Can Cost You Thousands But Be Peanuts To A Criminal

Mashable‘s latest infographic tells you ‘How Much Is Your Identity Worth?’ and it’s a really scary look into how the online internet world can make your identity almost immediately available to any criminal online. An estimated 9 million Americans’ identities are stolen each year. And a whopping 43% of theft victims know the criminals who steal their information. Making it worth almost a cool $5000 to a criminal.

Identity theft costs each individual victim approximately $4,841. That’s the equivalent of roughly 210 hours of work (at the average national hourly wage). It takes 33 hours on average to solve an identity theft case. Overall, identity theft cost people a total of $37 million in 2010. While high, that number is actually down from $56 million in 2009. Despite the lower total, individuals paid 63% more ($631) in 2010, up from $387 in 2009.

Check out ZoneAlarm’s infographic below to give you an insight into how identity theft to a criminal can cost you as an individual.