Profiles of a Twitter User [Infographic]

I found this great infographic this morning on If you’re a user of Twitter, you would have seen the different types of Twitter users floating around. You have the star Tweeters, who tweet the most interesting of tweets, whether they are big brand companies or Pete Cashmore from Mashable. There are a fair share of  ‘WTF were you thinking’ tweeters who post the craziest of shit on their profile.

Twitter is great to find out the latest news around the world whether it is showbiz, social & digital, sport or news and it’s in real time. Not this newspaper crap where it takes 2-3 days to go from the mouth that spoke to print. You can get all you need, whatever it is in a short 140 tweet without the spam. It’s short and sweet. All you need for news.

What kind of Twitter user are you?


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