Has Apple Lost The Plot?

What’s with Apple’s latest adverts? If you’re a follower of Apple and the Olympic games like myself, you may have seen the latest string of commercials called ‘Genius.’ Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave at the atrocious shite that the computer giant’s agency has produced. Without a doubt the ‘Genius’ adverts are the worst they’ve ever made, personally I’d love to give a high-five slap in whoever’s face, so-called account manager who came up with this monstrosity.

The ads by TBWA\Media Arts Lab feature stand-up comedian Josh Rabinowitz as an Apple store genius who is always available for Apple’s customers come rain or shine.  The ad’s first featured in the opening ceremony for the London Olympics (broadcast in the US) shows Rabinowitz being the on-hand genius for Apple customers at all moments of time including on a place, an expectant father and a shopper. All situations are just ridiculous and don’t show Apple for who they really are.


A rather-chuffed customer buys basically a Mac that’s not really a Mac but is kind of like a Mac but not. Confused? Me too. The customer buys the ‘basically a Mac’ from a crafty retailer who promises the product has all the similar features and apps to the Apple Mac.


On a flight that as 20 minutes till it lands, an air hostess makes an emergency announcement for an Apple Genius to help a passenger who has forgotten his anniversary and wants to create a video for his wife using iMovie. As much as ‘forgetting’ your anniversary with your other half is a bad thing, wouldn’t it be even worse having it stuck on your Mac when you presumably meet your wife at the airport (should she be meeting him there).

‘Labour Day’

As much as technology may be your life and you need to use it at all times (like I am with my mobile), if your wife has gone into labour would you really give two craps if your Mac is working? An Apple Genius is not going to be able to help you. An ambulance and suitable breathing techniques will help monitorize your wife’s pregnancy contractions.

These ad’s make Apple’s customers appear to be thick idiots who can’t tell the difference between what’s good and bad. If you’re going to do an ad, Apple stick to your guns and follow in your old footsteps with campaigns similar to the brilliant ‘Think Different‘ and ‘1984.‘ For a company that makes it very important to give the world a clearer view into the world of Apple and their products, they’ve always given off the simply clear message that their products are easy to use and you don’t have to be a ‘Genius’ to use one.

What do you think?


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