I Hate Internet Explorer, Want To Know Why? Here Are My Reasons Not To Use It.

I hate Internet Explorer. Not like I hate a spider in the bathroom, not like I hate the bus arriving 2 minutes early but hate like I hate Brussel sprouts, Custard or Justin Bieber. There are no more words that can describe the frustration I get from opening the browser to searching for what I want on IE. It has flaws, it’s slow, it’s rip-hair-out type of frustration, it’s useless, security is terrible and oh man it crashes way too much. It’s a nightmare.

Microsoft‘s latest TV ad featuring the awesome backing song of Alex ‘Dubstep’ Claire‘s Too Close, promises the world that Internet Explorer 9 is a faster, simply stunning (when has Internet Explorer or any type of browser been ‘simply stunning?’) and according to Digital Trends “IE9 will change the web forever.” Really? Are you sure about that chuck? It’s more worst ever browser, simply awesome commercial. Don’t promote something that can no longer compete with the big guys like Google Chrome. Now that’s a browser. Quick, efficient and awesome. I can open more than 5 tabs at a time and it doesn’t go into cardiac arrest.

So here are my top reasons (all valid and no doubt agreed upon by many) of why IE is just plain shit:

  1. It takes forever to load. Even onto the homepage.
  2. Bill Gates promises IE is free. What they don’t tell you, is you’ll end up in a psychiatric ward of murdering your laptop because it takes your soul with its painfully annoying everything. It’s a soul destroyer.
  3. It feels outdated. No matter what Microsoft does with it, IE feels nothing in comparison to it’s awesome competitors like Firefox and Google Chrome. There is no comparison.
  4. The letter ‘E’ of Explorer should stand for Evil.
  5. No matter how many times updates need to be installed, the browser should just been left in the 80’s and will never be the future.Installations should be done by the browser itself and not be expected that us computer and internet users need to do this every time something goes horrendously wrong with the browser. Be quicker God dammit.
  6. Just because Microsoft Office and your other products are good, don’t assume your IE is just as good or better. It’s not.
  7. Name a browser that isn’t better than this? I can name none, I can name at least 3 that are better; Firfox, Safari and Chrome.
  8. It’s security is pants.
  9. There is no option to add apps.
  10. If there is a problem with Microsoft’s browser like a bug and you bring it to their attention, don’t hold your breath on expecting anything from them. Google & Mozilla pay anyone who finds a bug in their browser and brings it their attention.

Anything I’ve missed?


3 thoughts on “I Hate Internet Explorer, Want To Know Why? Here Are My Reasons Not To Use It.

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  2. Netscape (not Firefox, or any browser based on its source code though). AOL Explorer. Mosaic (although I respect it for being a pioneer). Three browsers worse than IE (any browser which has become lost in the depths of time really).

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