The Perks of Working From Home

If like me you work from home, you’ll know the perks that come with it and also the disadvantages of work from home. Working from home, whether it be for your own business or for someone else’s can be great but also bad. I love working from home.

The Perks

  • Not having to catapulte my alarm across the room when it goes off at 7am
  • Not having to hate myself for allowing snooze to be included in my mornings
  • Not having to run for the train, bringing on that unneccessary heart attack and strange looks on the train
  • Being squashed like a sardine for 40 minutes under someone’s armpit trying to read the Metro
  • Paying an extortionate amount of money to commute
  • Having to spend an arm and a leg for a semi-average sandwich meal deal when my lunch can include anything fresh, yummy and spectacular
  • Make as much tea and hot chocolate as I want without being barked at for hanging around in the kitchen for too long
  •  I get to wear my comfy slippers and can dress down in clothing I wouldn’t dare be seen out in public in
  • Taking calls or doing emails inside or outside of my house
  • Finishing work and moving from one room to the other

The Bad Stuff

  • Not having much social interaction- unless that includes my cat
  • Being distracted by just about everything including YouTube and being too happy to see the Postman
  • Not having any work gossip
  • Having to use the radio as good background noise
  • Time management – forcing myself to wake up at a reasonable time and start work on time
  • Being entirely motivated when distractions are everywhere
  • Using my room as my office
  • Not knowing when to stop working

This great infographic  from, details the benefits of telecommuting, if there’s anything the infographic or I have missed out, I would love to hear from you.


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