Make a Good Impression And Help Young People Find a New Job

There’s nothing like wearing a good tailored suit that makes you feel all that more confident when you know you have that interview to ace in the late morning. There’s also nothing like the feeling of dread when you know you can’t afford a good tailored suit might ruin your chances of getting that job. First impressions count, they always do, especially when you’re going to an interview. Without a doubt, it’s the number one thing recruiters and employers say when they meet a candidate. That, and the handshake, the questions etc.

Have you heart of ‘A Suit That Fits?’ Not if your suit fits, but the company called ‘A Suit That Fits?’ Yesterday I was asked to RT a tweet about this company who ask people to donate a suit to help one of over 78,000 young people in long-term unemployment better their chance of getting a job. What was originally an idea thought up by Warren Bennett and his business partner David back in 2005 after Warren’s work experience in Nepal, has spurned into a fully supportive, award-winning and successful business.

Warren says

 We trialled the idea of A Suit That Fits at Hampstead market and sold our first two suits within twenty minutes of opening. This was a clear sign that we had a viable business idea, so we then worked through the night to create a simple website that was just about able to make one of our uniquely customised suits.

Working with partners Amber, Centrepoint and Right Futures, A Suit That Fits’ partners offers work and learning outreach programs to the young people they work with to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to find a job and stay in employment. Their partners regularly find their members have nothing to wear to their interview which affects their confidence and impacts that all-important ‘first impression’. By providing them with a smart suit we are making the process just a little bit easier. From this A Suit That Fits and Right Futures will work with Amber and Centrepoint to offer a number of their young people work experience placements.

Since their official launch in 2007, the company has won a staggering 22 awards, have 30 locations nationwide, have over 40 billion styles of suit that can pickle your fancy and have a team of trained staff and tailors who can rustle up a brand new overcoat, jacket, shirt and much much more.

Donating an unwanted suit couldn’t be easier. To take part in the campaign, all you have to do is make sure you donate your suit between April 8th and May 31st. You can donate through their Open House locations where you can pop by at any time during normal opening hours to drop off your suit, visit one of their Roadshow locations, or Post your suit. Anyone who donates their suit, no matter how many, will get a £50 voucher to put towards an A Suit That Fits tailored item as well a thank you pack for taking part in the campaign.

Currently their campaign is doing well with full exposure across social media sites with 1600 people following them on Twitter and using their hashtag #SuitForSuccess and have over 6k fans on Facebook.

Follow suit, honestly, helping just one person by donating your suit can make a change to someone’s future.


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