Do you lie on your CV? You won’t believe the amount of people who do… [Infographic]

Last year 25,000 people were asked to participate in a survey about finding a job and employment. Of those 25k people, 20% admitted they would lie on their CV if it meant they could impress a future boss.

Tony Wilmot, founder of Staffbay, which conducted the survey, said:

Obviously, these figures are shocking, but with as many as 80 people chasing the same job it’s hardly surprising that some jobseekers are prepared to bend the rules a little to enter the world of work. 

It’s pleasing to see that 80% of the jobseekers we surveyed are honest, but what is very apparent from these results is the need for those seeking work to differentiate themselves.

Simple paper CVs just don’t make you stand out from the crowd these days; what employers want to do is find out more about job applicants before they call them in for an interview, and they simply can’t do this by flicking through a paper CV.

People lie on their CV for a number of reasons but mostly it’s to impress their new employer, but wouldn’t you want to do well within your new position or would falling flat on your face seem far more appropriate? Making simple mistakes and being oblivious to your industry’s jargon are telltale signs of a deceptive resume. With the job market how it is though, more and more people are taking extreme measures to ensure employment. Lying about degrees, past positions and inflating previous salaries are prime examples.

Fortunately LinkedIn adds hope of crossing off those who like to tell fibs on their CV. Due to your connections online, the world and it’s nan can see your CV displayed to the world from your work experience, your skills and your recommendations. All of these real recommendations and endorsements are there for future employers to see and if they needed to be contacted, any lying boo boo’s you’ve done on your CV can catch you out quicker than Jerry outsmarts Tom. It’s worldly known recruiters and employers should use LinkedIn in their candidate search and this great infographic shows that honestly really is the best medicine..



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