What to wear to an interview? First impressions count.. [infographic]

You’ve bagged the interview, you’re up there with 5 other potentials and now it’s your time to shine. Your time to show that employer why the other 5 potentials have got nothing on you and why you really can succeed in this position because you’re the best in your field. Now to complete the puzzle you need to figure what outfit you’re going to wear to your interview. You have spent an absurd amount of time preparing for that big interview, and you finally landed it! Now the next big thing to worry about is what to wear. First impressions have lasting effect on employers, therefore, you don’t want to go into your big interview looking like a TOWIE extra or a hobo. It’s important to get the dress, hit right on the head.

As much as your inner style guru may like the way the oompah loompah, boob-in-your-face, tight dress, short-barely-covering-your-backside TOWIE look, don’t think about going there for any interview.


Dressing appropriately and sensibly is a must for any interview from working in the oil industry to working in fashion. Your office attire may very well be shorts and trainers on a day to day basis but the interview is the one place you need to get 150% right. Every tiny detail of your wardrobe that day can determine the impression you leave on an employer. Unless an employer says come dressed as Mickey Mouse, don’t go dressed down. Some employers expect candidates to wear a suit, others are more easy going and prefer smart casual. This means leave the Reeboks at home and opt for smart shoes or boots.

This great infographic gives you all you need to know about what to wear and what not to wear to that all important interview:


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