Tattoo Shop Finds New Way To Hire Candidates

Usually the bog standard way of getting a candidate to apply for a job is through an online application. Rarely do people now-a-days pop into an office and apply for a role. But this is where a person’s creativity is limited. A tattoo studio in Istanbul, Turkey called Bergge Tattoo has a creative way of getting their candidates to apply for a new job. They ask all of their candidates to fill in a QR code before giving them an application form to make sure no shaky hands get past the bar. This great idea was developed by the BÜRO advertising agency in Istanbul and launched last December and has seen a number of skilled artists apply for their Tattoo Artist roles in their new studio. If done properly, the candidate with the best precision, skill and creativity gets the role.

By carefully filling in the QR code, the studio can see who is set for a career as a Tattoo Artist within their studio and who hasn’t.




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