Cover up your piercings and tattoo’s when you go to an interview

We’ve all got something that makes us stand out as a person. It’s what makes us unique. It cold be the way you flick your hair, the lone dimple on your right cheek or the way you express yourself when you’re talking. Everyone is different. Some people like to express themselves through body art. This could be in the form of piercings or tattoos. When you’re going to a wedding or a  family event, I’m sure you’ve had your parents bark at you to ‘tone it down.’ I know I have. I have one tattoo, just the one right near my hip. It’s not big enough to strike a fair bit of attention nor is it going to get the ‘stop showing off your midriff like that’ talk from my mum. To think of it, I’ve not been to a wedding where my midriff is on show. At all.

When you’re on your job search, keep in mind what you want your employer to see. First impressions count and having your hair waxed on top of your head 5 inches up, with piercings studded across your face and tattoo’s left right and centre might not get you the role you want. Unless of course you’re applying for a job at a tattoo parlour. If you have tattoos and piercings, attitudes are changing. Statistics show that 1 in 10 people have a tattoo or piercing. Employers have to change with the times, and unlike thirty years ago when tattoos and piercings were seen as deviant and associated with gangs and thugs, they are now seen as fashionable, even elegant. Nevertheless, showing your true colours and achieving success in an interview marginally depends on what sector you want to enter. If you are looking for a role within the creative field, then signs of individuality are often interpreted as ingenuity and expression and more often than not will be welcomed. When applying for a face to face role, say something in real estate, customer service or medical then employers may be worried that your image will reflect on the company and alienate potential clients. If you are going for a role in the service industry piercings may conflict with health and hygiene laws.

You must keep in mind the brand you are presenting should you get the role. If you’re worried, communicate with your employer before the interview. Confirm their dress code or request a copy of the employee manual. If anything, this will make you appear more enthusiastic about the company.As the law stands in the UK at the moment, there is no legislation to protect people with tattoos and piercings from being discriminated against during the interview stage. Discrimination only applies in regards to race, gender, age, origin and sexuality. However, if an employer shows prejudice towards you once you are employed by them, legal action can be taken.

I’m not saying change who you are, I’m not at all. Cover up and follow a dress code if you’re unsure when you attend an interview. If you’re ever unsure, just ask someone.


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